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Russia vs. Ukraine | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
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Published on 09 May 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣Popp gives a Russia-Ukraine conflict a 70% possibility of happening and a 100% chance of disaster if it does.
#russiavsukraine #military #livefromthelair

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FeWolf 1 month ago

it will be gorilla warfare

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boby 1 month ago

No it won't Guerilla warfare needs good hideouts and Ukraine is vast planes. Ukraine is indefensible the real warfare ground would be EU states

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Mr_HorseTwat 1 month ago

Fuck Ukraine. These assholes let the Russian army to pass through their territory to fight in Transnistria. And they gave back 6000 nukes for the pinky promise of sovereignty. They are stupid beyond african-american-gentlemen. They fucked us and now the hammer has turned and they are bitching about it.

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doczg88 2 months ago

Russia is poor when you compare economy. But they produce everything themselves. And the real question is not that US defense budget is 700 and Russian is 50 or 80 but what 50 billion USD buys you in Russia. And salaries of 1 million soldiers are 20 billion USD and for 50 billion USD they have military budgets of Germany, France and UK combined. Russia is the only military superpower of the two and while inferior in many aspects to the US only America and Russia could pull something like that in Syria. Russia waged a war for years without any problems they only upgraded and strengthened their military as a consequence of intervention in Syria while UK and France couldn't bomb Libya for one week before they called Uncle Sam for help because they didn't have enought of rockets and bombs in stockpile. Russia may be a joke on a lot of field but when it comes to military, technology, energy and politics they are a very serious great power and superpower on some fields. Overall theay are a great power with lousy economy and super military.

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InfiniteMushroom 2 months ago

Russia has always been barter oriented so, the lack of currency spent on their armed forces is misleading. Russia prefers to do value for value trading that doesn't involve using the world's financial clearing houses or having to buy U.S. currency to make a deal happen. Russia can do more with 1 ruble than the U.S. can do with $1000.

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wayfarer 2 months ago

Popp, you are good with numbers, no doubt, but have you found an answer to this question:
- Why would Russia want to invade/occupy or install a puppet government in a part of Ukraine or the entire country?
That's a huge territory with over 44 million people living there with the lowest GDP per capita among European countries (except Kosovo), who do you think will have to foot the bill for all of them?
If Putin wants them, let him have it but he will have to keep them alive, provide oil and gas and make their income more or less equal to the neighboring Russian regions. Don't forget that Putin will have to pay pensions, too (same way he has to do in the Crimea).
That's simply the money that Russia doesn't have. That would set them back 20 years at least, there's no way in hell that anybody with any brain in Russia would agree to that.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

Very easy question to answer. ZOG-NATO is pushing to use Ukraine as an advance base to position against Russia. That's why ZOG-U.S. staged the coup d'etat to overthrow the legitimately elected Viktor Yanukovych and install a ZOG puppet in Ukraine. The eastern oblasts of Ukraine wanted nothing to do with it and eastern Ukraine (Donbass) is mostly Russian anyway. By precedence established during the 1960's in the U.N, the Donbass region separated and is exercising its rights to be annexed to Russia. Of course, ZOG doesn't want that and Putin does. ZOG-U.S. has NO BUSINESS being there. All I can hope for is that, if the U.S. does start a war there, that our Imperial ZOG Machine gets its ass KICKED and Russia sends us fleeing in a TOTAL ROUT.

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wayfarer 1 month ago

I don't see a problem here. No reptilian government wants to go to war because of Ukraine, the poorest country of all Europe. That and the corruption spreading through all levels of Ukrainian governance are the reasons that Ukraine is not wanted in the EU or NATO in any shape or form. It's like Romania but 50 times bigger pain in the ass. I've seen Ukrainian military in Kosovo, nothing to write home about. Like the military from Slovakia or Bulgaria. Why do they need to spend any money on their army anyway? Who was threatening them? Russia was apparently a neighbor you don't want to have, but what can you do. Putin eventually annexed the Crimea, a stupid move but it's only two million people. Is he prepared to handle five more million in Donbass? Is he ready to annihilate Ukraine as a state and get rid of their seat in the international organizations? Why? What will he gain out of it? I do not underestimate the magnitude of Putin's mental problems but Russian have to factor in the notorious Ukrainian stubbornness. Plus if it comes to a full scale invasion millions of Ukrainians will simply run to Europe - and the previous immigration crisis or WWII era displacement of population will look like nothing in comparison.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

@wayfarer: If you know the backstory to Crimea, then you'll realize that Putin was right to annex it. Nikita Khrushchev ceded it to Ukraine in 1954 as an administrative convenience for Moscow. Like any politician, he was throwing some pork their way. That was fine UNTIL the USSR went belly up and ZOG-NATO began undermining Ukraine for the purpose of getting a NATO base there. ZOG-NATO really wanted the Sevastopol Navy base in Crimea. That is UNACCEPTABLE and Putin was right to declare that the parties that ceded Crimea to Ukraine (Soviet Union and Ukraine SSR) have long ceased to exist and therefore, the agreement is null and void. Putin was RIGHT to take back Crimea as it has always been Russian property for centuries. As for the population, Putin only intends to save the Russians in the Donbass region, where they are a majority. Kudos for Putin looking out for his people. Far better than the race traitors and Jews we have in Washington.

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Defundthehoes 2 months ago

So what happens if China attacks Taiwan the same time that Russia attacks the Ukraine?

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wigglewagon 2 months ago

The greater danger is China attacking India. There have already been border skirmishes. China has great ambitions.https://www.rt.com/news/492661....-china-india-reports

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Hard_hairy_big_pack 1 month ago

@wigglewagon: Who gives a fuck. Western Europe and America should mind their own business regarding tension between China vs India and Ukraine vs Russia. We have refugee trash in our own countries we need to take care of.

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

@wigglewagon: india did arrest a chinese soldier i remember but this man was helping a local herdsman collect his goats i think and sent him back to china.

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InfiniteMushroom 1 month ago

@wigglewagon: IMO, India is far more able to defend itself than Taiwan is. I'd put my money on a Chinese attack against Taiwan. Notice I said attack. An actual landing and occupation is a whole 'nother level of difficulty.

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