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Russia Just SHOCKED The World With This Move And The U.S. Is In Real Trouble

Published on 11 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

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It’s Happening - Russia to begin Air and Naval exercises in the Caribbean in the coming weeks as warships & aircrafts are heading to Cuba. Cuban Missiles Crisis vibes.

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usr6874038614 1 month ago

Alex Jones : talking to your congress representatives is not going to change things, as they are in the globalists' pockets. They should rather put their congress representatives against the wall for allowing things to come to this point.

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You have lost sight of the fact that The Soviet Union - is a Bolshevik / Zionist Jew shit hole and Putin is a KGB Kike.

So is Biden, Zilensky, the zionist occupied govts of the UK, Germany and the USA.

The Ukraine war is about exterminating the men of the country, and stealing $10 trillion worth of minerals.

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