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RST3K: Battlefield Earth | Grunt Speak Live

Published on 01 Feb 2023 / In Comedy

Unchained Skid joins the Crazy Drunk Uncles to watch the L. Ron Hubbard masterpiece of crap. Every $100 donated is three shots of whiskey (one per host)!
#GruntSpeakLive #BattlefieldEarth #RST3K
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I have a photographic memory - so unless the movie has enormous amounts of technical detail and narratives etc., I rarely watch them more than once....

I would not watch Eraser Head again.... because I can remember everything in it....

BUT - that in it's own unique way... was one of the most really disturbing movies I have ever seen.

It wasn't disturbing because of it's content - it's really fucking disturbing just for having seen it.....

After seeing it - I just wanted to go off and live in a psych hospital for the next 3 weeks....

It's a brilliant movie.....

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Sometimes SOME things are sort of really good, because they are really fucked...
Kind of like AOC and Jacinda Adern... - both as kind of ugly as all fuck, and they are retarded sociopathic cunts, but BOY take 10 years off AOC - and she is hot... and before Adern became a prune faced meth-head gang bang whore... I thought she was quite attractive.

OK I like them.... just to look at.

But if someone stepped in to drown them both by holding their heads in a bucket of water... I wouldn't step in to do anything for either of them.....

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TesticularTorsion44 2 months ago

@CromeDomeOmega: thats a good one, his movies are all basically money laundering schemes

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Aeroshogun 2 months ago

@slapmonkey: Gigi Edgely ftw!

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unwindingcablecar 2 months ago

catch y'all on Thot Thursday!

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