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RP/MGTOW Random Talks 11

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Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

Strap in and up gents.
Article: ⁣https://www.nytimes.com/2020/1....2/23/opinion/coronav

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 1 month ago

Weak people fight comfortable wars. Greenhouse gases womens rights recycling save the planet blah blah blah.

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cth96190 1 month ago

When you see a bitch in peril, walk away and let her die.
It has become too dangerous to help them.

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So US Navy Bullshit Redpilled you too? Out fucking standing you understand now; so sorry you had to experience it 1st hand, too, shipmate...

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Mark Onochie
Mark Onochie 1 month ago

all I can say is woohoo!

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NeoTheOutflanker 1 month ago

https://www.bitchute.com/video/kNzMoxhY4NXg/ beware everyone! DONT GIVE IN !!!!!!!!!!!!

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S. Ironheart
S. Ironheart 1 month ago

If you're asking for help to achieve equality, YOU'RE the inferior party.

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

It's easy to understand why do they push more and more draconic rules, regulations and double standards on men.
They notice that no matter how much they oppress men, their own situation still doesn't improve and they don't ever get to a more independent position than men can.
You can't undo biological facts by rules, regulations, biased decisions or anything else.
Men are BIOLOGICALLY built to shoulder risks WAY MORE than women are.
Taking risks IS PAID better than other jobs, or NOBODY goes to take the risk and everyone suffers the consequences UNTIL they get through their THICK skull that they have to pay up for someone to be willing to take that risk.
And that someone will be a MAN.

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MrA_H0Ie 1 month ago

I'm not gonna give the New York Times a GOOGLE email address or a FACEBOOK account just to read the insane rambling of a moron. Google and Facebook know way too much already. They don't need to know what do I read.

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bsga22 1 month ago

Thanks for the great video, RPM.

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Wolf_joseph 1 month ago

Feminism didnt fail women
Women want the peaceful and ignorant lie to protect them from the truth
And Feminism sold them that lie at a steep price
And there are no refunds

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LongRedRoad 1 month ago

I have no shits to give about anyone's color, you are my brother in what maters, you stand for and with men.
Thank you for your vids...
and last, HMT is near I fear.

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Bobtheman1991 1 month ago

My cammoflage is at the ready, with my waifu on standby...

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

When an arguement is invalid people will make feces up to sell the lie.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

They things have more rights than they do. How does an inanimate object have rights? As to the statement made by the lesbian you are relating they have no concept of reality and make up B.S. to create a false narrative.

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