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RP/MGTOW Obesity Is NOT Beautiful Or Healthy

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Published on 06 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

Big women KNOW in their heart of hearts that they are NOT desired. Oh well!

Article: ⁣https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyl....e/tess-holliday-expl

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NeoTheOutflanker 5 months ago

Fat Brigade LOL

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Fangs13 6 months ago

did i ever before tell you how much i enjoy the lovely waifus you showcase in your videos?
they are better than humans above and beyond, there is no rivalry!

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Fat chicks are really awesome for bed buddies in like places where it gets to minus 50*C and lower.... You can fuck them all you want and stay warm in the rolls of blubber, and if they die, you can always eat them.... Bonus, Bonus!

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crimson hawk
crimson hawk 6 months ago

that hoss

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DutchCobbler 6 months ago

The reality continues to sink in with women that feminism liberated men by exposing them for what they are when they're in charge. They become bigger, more masculine, intensely less desirable, and almost totally replacable when it came to their best feature, SEX.

When the growing competition for you as a companion is literally an inanimate object it's time to reevaluate.... unless you're a woman, in which case you just freeze your eggs and complain about everything.

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MrA_H0Ie 5 months ago

...and then act surprised when all frozen eggs fail and serious physical damage caused by taking the eggs out kicks in, even though the doctors ALWAYS explain the health risks before they turn their ovaries into mush with a syringe.

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ExperimentalGroup 6 months ago

Blaire White, a trans woman YouTuber, has put Tess Holliday on blast in one of her recent videos. It’s alarming that men can sometimes be more parking as women than biological women. I’m not saying I’m swinging that way but it’s apparent to the naked eye. As women continue to balloon in size in proportion to their expectations, waifus become legit options

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