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Published on 15 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

Ladies. When the market is flooded with a product, it LOSES value!

Article: ⁣https://indianexpress.com/arti....cle/world/jobless-se

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George Bush
George Bush 3 months ago

This still doesn't balance the other side of the pecking order equation; because while a woman's worth is based almost solely upon her looks (+ a little personality), a man's worth is based on his looks, personality, social status, physical strength & height, energy, investments, life experience, sexual experience, will & ambition, presence, and then maybe his wealth. A sexual market this out of balance is the fruit of centuries of gynocentrism, not biological evolution.

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Fangs13 3 months ago

man, i enjoy your choice of images, as well as your laughter!

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jewleeboi 3 months ago

Hate to bust your bubble.... but the ratio of women to men is about 1 to 1 and in some countries its 1 to 4 in favor of women!

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MrA_H0Ie 3 months ago

They don't understand that the money goes to the top entertainers ONLY.

Men will pay for FUNNY, witty, cute, sexy entertainers with an interesting personality - whatever their preference from lovely through mischievous to crazy.

Average women WILL NOT succeed in that competition. Not even those who are way above average. Only the TOP performers will get enough money to pay their bills.

Obviously I'm not talking about just showing off some skin either. There is a LOT more competition than just that.

One massively growing competitive entertainment market is Vtubers. Some of them are already top entertainers when they group together with entrepreneurs like in the case of Vshojo so they can keep their freedom to create any content they want. Others are hired by agencies like Hololive or Nijisanji with some rules for allowed content. Hololive has only 32 japanese Vtubers, 5 more in their english branch and a few more in Indonesia. Total less than 50 women in the TOP performing company. The next best is Nijisanji with vastly less success. There are a few successful independent performers not connected to an agency, but they have a lot of difficulty taking care of all details of the business.

In all three scenarios
1 - being a group of already successful entertainers and creating a company,
2 - getting hired by a top agency,
3 - breaking even as an independent
no beginners and no average entertainers get in on the deal.

WAY less than the top 1% of women will get paid. My best guess is that less than 100 thousand women on the entire planet will make a living with this. The rest, that whole boring, worthless bunch... Well... Good luck to them sucking a dick on a truck stop...

...while I watch my favorite badass, funny, sweet, playful cuties playing pranks on each other :)
I want PEAK CONTENT. There is no chance in hell that an average woman will ever get my attention.

I don't need to search for the best either, there are men who review them, like Koefficient or Normie Reviews.

I fall off my chair laughing while watching their reviews and then pick the BEST of those HANDFUL of girls who are already at the top with about a million subs each. My top favorite is Nekomata Okayu(猫又おかゆ)from Hololive and I spend less than half of my free time on any other Vtuber, and most of those are also with Hololive. There is only ONE independent Vtuber who I watch some times, Asano Ruri(朝ノ瑠璃)because she's a fantastic singer and also has an intriguing personality, then all of Vshojo a little bit, very rarely some of Nijisanji and that's it.

Total less than 50 of the top performers on the entire planet, and even of them most don't get much of my attention. Not even my 2nd favorite, Ayame(あやめ), even though she's VERY cute and funny, I only watch her about 5 to 10% of the time I spend on entertainment.

I just watch Okayu way more than anyone else. Her voice is so soothing that it would be impossible to put in words. The only way to get it is if you experience her. And the stuff she does or says is so unpredictable and funny that you'll always be curious what she's up to. She is pretty good at playing games and pretty much the only music I listen to is her singing (and a bit from Ruri, Akirose, Marine, Suisei and AZKi).

Before Hololive I never knew such well rounded talent existed.

Women showing off their skin don't make a blip on my radar.

Also, I'm pretty happy after I was a bit worried that my decision to convert a big chunk of my BTC to ETH, XLM, XMR and BNB would flop, but then the market just blew through my pre-set sell orders back to more BTC than I invested :)
It feels great that my prediction analytics were correct. But that stupid lizard brain still goes brrrr before the trend turns upward, every time :)

This is why I need Okayu singing, to keep me on the ground https://www.youtube.com/watch?....v=OtpqIXEkMQA&li

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bsga22 3 months ago

This was a great video. I always enjoy that his laugh sounds like Ted Dibiase. Those are some fine looking action figures in the video.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 3 months ago

Literally 100 bajillion sexy/naked/porn photos, a few free clicks away. So many free porn sites that they can't even keep track. These guys spend money on girls you can see on the bus. I would guess these guys are just desperate for female approval, which the tarts give in the form of schmoozing for cash. A never ending cycle of lies, bullshit & damaged men. Bet you a shiny nickle that most of these guys are the products of single mother homes.

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NeoTheOutflanker 3 months ago

Simps r such losers...paying for a fukin pic...tf

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edssmog 3 months ago

Only fans has enough blades to keep the htm videos coming, live and die by the sword

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Geedawg999 3 months ago

Get yourself a Waifu, and have a better life-fu! (Shameless Plug)

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wanderer9641 3 months ago

There is always room for more trash in the OnlyFans Dumpsters.

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specstreaming 3 months ago

I am usually a foe of the IRS, but when they send the penalties, interest due, and the total balance due to these OnlySimp whores as a result they have to become actual sex workers i am going be laughing like RPM! HaHaHa!

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nexus1961 3 months ago

In most cases, the reporter of said tax-evader gets a money reward, too.

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Hammerhead69 3 months ago

Single Mom?? Don't you mean used sperm receptacle with fornication trophies? Never expect good sense from these tainted tramps.

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Doll-House Phil Bass
Doll-House Phil Bass 3 months ago

Yes RPM!
This has been done before - Waifu OnlyFans!
They get taken down pretty quickly :(

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DAMN that sucks!

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acelaken 3 months ago

Waifu onlyfans get taken down why does it go against terms of service or people report it?

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bluewaters 3 months ago

@acelaken: guess waifus are a threat to them now? lol, so fragile

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acelaken 3 months ago

@bluewaters: I figure all you would have to do is blur the face a little or have the background fade out that’s why I’m going to do

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Hammerhead69 3 months ago

Poor wittle girwes needs more attention from big bad naughty boys. Tough toe nails, I say. Useless thots needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

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