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RP/MGTOW Another Cautionary Tale

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Published on 03 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

Men DO NOT put yourself in a position that could end like this.

Article: ⁣https://www.cbsnews.com/news/5-year-old-killed-car-punishment-alabama/?intcid=CNI-00-10aaa3b&ftag=CNM-00-10aab4i&_amp=1*1taygpd*s_vid*YW1wLUNLQVEzNlM0Uy13Z2ljVFJNNTV3VGc.

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GoogleSucks 2 months ago

With single mothers, I take it beyond even limiting it to short-term flings. I recommend absolute nothing doing, not even a smash and dash, not even a small talk conversation. Nothing. Hell, I don't even want to be within 500 feet of s single mother. If it happens by random chance, I go somewhere else. And yes, it's all of them (excluding widows who played no part in former husband's death). ASMALT, and here all means absolutely all, the full 100%, without a single exception. Not only does each one have a sob story and each one uses her children as pawns, each has life experience in doing both, sometimes quite extensive. Some are downright virtuosos at it, having made this a form of fine art.

Putting all of this together, single mothers always avoid any and all responsibility and accountability to such an extreme that they make the average trollop look tame and harmless by comparison (even though they really are not). It comes through loud and clear in this article, simply by the only sentence that mentions the trollop at all throws sympathy (SIMPathy?) at her. For comparison, here's reality: This single mother was in the car (present at the scene) when this happened, and she is the legally responsible parent, who a 5-year-old (a freaking 5-year-old!!!) should be able to count on absolutely. Disgusting. Yet, the only absolute with her was her absolute FAIL! Later on, of course, she was no doubt absolute in her avoidance of any responsibility or accountability at all.

Also, if you still have anything to do with the trollops in this day and age at all, include divorcees, even ones who have no children, in the same category with single mothers. If you're ever tempted by any one of these at all, to any extent, don't listen to the sob story (they always come with these - 100% -- as well). Instead, check out the court file of her divorce, going to the courthouse itself if need be to look for at least the final result (judgment or decree). If she raked in any cash and prizes, or if you simply cannot find a case/file with the information that should lead you to it -- then ghost immediately, and ghost permanently. Just my opinion on this.

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

Unfortunately, he took matters in his own hands and that caused the death of another man’s son. If that was the man’s only son, and does not know of this, he may be devastated. That is a fate I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. On that alone, the book should be thrown at him but with the correct charge. Furthermore, the mother also allowed this to some degree and should endangerment charges and lose custody of any other children she has.
This is where I diverge from the group. If you endanger kids, you face to cost of your misguided and/or distorted logic. Yes, his career is toast but it was a decision he willfully made

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

UCMJ will have a shot at him too.

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wayfarer 2 months ago

Well, as the sheriff put it, "I don't know that was certainly his intent originally to do that, but his actions caused the death, ultimately, with [the child]"

How can they charge him with "murder"? The prosecution will have to prove intent to kill beyond reasonable doubt. Good luck with that. At best they can pin negligible homicide but that will still mean the guy will be sent to prison, maybe 10 years. Will be out in three. His life is ruined. Very bad decision process that led to this entire situation. Was the the pussy worth it?

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Wolf178 2 months ago

I concur with the notion that the step dad roll needs to be killed. I remember in my early 20s (now 39) that even older men were telling me to take that roll. Paying for a child that will treat you like shit isn't worth it. Time is something that will not be replaced. It's time to let them eat their shit sandwiches all by themselves. They deserve it.

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