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Roma Army Uses Her Kid To Grift - Mom Of The YEAR!

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 29 Jun 2021 / In Entertainment

⁣Roma Army is a well known chameleon. She pretends to give a crap about men while also being an open ANTIFA, and BLM supporter, as well as an open Marxist. All while pretending to care about men so as to get their money. Well, now she has sunk to a new low, if that's possible, and is putting her kid on camera for the purpose of sucking up some more beta bucks bucks. She's a travesty of a human being, and this type of behavior needs to be called out.

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My mother is a bonafide crazy.... She is mad. A BPD. A borderline (psychotic) personality disorder.

AFTER a lot of hard work on the subject of dealing with her psycho shit, what came out of working through the sort of near final stages, was finding out that mother dearest is HARD WIRED that way... I have a photo of her at 21 - in amongst a group of women from her class / training group... All the other women were laughing and joking and talking to each other etc., when the photographer took the picture, but MOTHER dearest, was staring right into and through the camera, and looking inside the camera mans head.....

She is like Charles Manson with tits.

She is or was, totally "mentally different" to the other women.

AND after all the discussions with a sibling, who said that "In spite of all the AA and all the therapy etc., she hasn't changed. It's not a drinking problem and family of origin issues. It's something way deeper that cannot be moved or changed".

So with Roma and all her bullshit and all the idiots that like her, try to be loving in the sense, of being kind, understanding and very detached and not at all involved....

She is TRYING to be the only mother she knows how to be, in the only way she can....

PSYCO mothers ARE not all BAD, ALL the time....

She cannot help being the way that she is, including all her crazy, scammy, mad crap.

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Jaygo 3 months ago

well you have to ask yourself.. who's the Bigger piece of shit? Her for putting her kid on cam, of the fucking pathetic men who are incentivizing and encouraging her by throwing money at that loser.. i look at things from all angles and truth be told, If she's trash, the men who give her money are low life pieces of shit.

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The Realist Philosopher

I etnd to be a little more sympathetic to the men, as most have been indoctrinjated to put women on pedastals, and tauight to protect them. There's also the biological imperatiove to protrect women, which this indoctrination plays upon. As for the blame I just point oput scumbags when I see them.

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boby 3 months ago

@The Realist Philosopher : No body taught those men that only faithful and committed women should be protected. Whores and feminists must be outcasted

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