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Responsibility as Antidote to Despair | Senator Josh Hawley | EP 361

Published on 29 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Missouri senator Josh Hawley discuss his new book, “Manhood,” and break down the importance and depth of the biblical ideals that have shaped society - and particularly the west - in a historically unprecedented manner.

Josh Hawley is a constitutional lawyer, the U.S. Senator for Missouri, and the bestselling author of “The Tyranny of Big Tech.” His newest publication, “Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs,” is available now and seeks to defend the positive and necessary attributes of masculinity across leadership, governance, and the everyday structure of American life. Men of character are needed for a civilization to thrive, and today's America, the west, has openly sought to destroy the foundational and biblical principles that create them.

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For Senator Josh Hawley

Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs (Book)
Website (Personal)
Website (Senator)

- Chapters -

(0:00) Coming up
(0:14) Intro
(1:08) Illustrative stories
(5:15) The motivation to write Manhood.
(8:03) Maternal and paternal tendencies
(11:27) The burning bush, rowing, what manifests to you
(14:45) Responsibility, meaning, mentorship
(17:08) The most powerful thing in life
(18:08) Sacrifice and hedonism
{20:28) When we come to master ourselves
(21:36) Games, pharaoh, and ordered unity
(23:45) Foundational morality in the biblical tradition
(28:03) Replacement for the central unifying narrative
(31:30) Our tradition, and why not to leave it behind
(33:17) The historic argument, the 1619 project, Wilbur Wilburforce
(36:17) The obligation of the Brits, raising the world
(38:07) Breaking the hierarchy of gods, mirrored messages
(42:19) Genesis, order from chaos
(44:08) When you remove biblical ideals
(45:10) The four horsemen of atheism, Sam Harris
(47:07) Unmoored rationality, worship of the whim
(48:22) French revolutionaries and the enlightenment
(50:37) Presuppositions in science
(52:38) Standards of truth
(54:20) The Tower of Babel, worshiping the tools
(57:34) You can rationalize anything
(59:08) DeWaal, social darwinism
(1:01:10) Rats and play, working toward future interactions
(1:05:21) Have we done better in the wake of deified science?
(1:07:37) Contrasting Epicurus
(1:08:45) Something the postmodernists got right, the drifter
(1:11:03) The detriment of pornography
(1:13:18) Harrowing statistics
(1:14:31) Male motivators in the workplace
(1:16:04) Overt demoralization
(1:18:21) Subordinating intellect to whim
(1:20:15) There is no self there, identity and gratification
(1:21:43) Where the Right goes wrong, vision and consumerism
(1:22:39) Training games, iterative trading
(1:25:34) Neoliberalism
(1:26:11) Don’t subordinate the long term to the short term
(1:29:03) Setting virtue, rules and ideal roles
(1:32:20) Sustaining meaning, adopting responsibility
(1:35:19) Your efforts can last
(1:36:10) The reality of abdicating biblical ideals
(1:40:08) God as a positive animating spirit
(1:42:31) Hardships have meaning into eternity


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