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Rescuing America from Idiocracy

Published on 29 Nov 2022 / In Comedy

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At a time when the people of America are plagued by idiocracy, one man is their only hope: Common Sense Man.

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jim bennett
jim bennett 2 months ago

i'm sure your heart is in the right place.. and if you were an economist you would not talk to us or you would lie./. I say conservative on pretty much everything BUT money. .. all the money banks create to lend gets erased as it is repaid.. daily.. the principal part.. meanwhile they let 30 million illegal aliens in to steal our work.. debt and inflation are an integral part of our credit based monetary system.. the higher the debt the more money they need to maintenance it.. In the early days they practically gave land away to settleers who would frarm it.. If people had their houses paid off they wouldn't need as much money to live.. could live cheaper.. could work cheaper.. There's your cheaper labor right there. . Americans with less debt. money is empowerment so people can do things.. but they dont want that. they want a servile populace.. I gotta get some sleep.. good luick figuring it all out.. but borders are about the highest priority imo..

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