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Renegade #1 - Dealing With The Western World And Its Programming ! (MIRROR)

Amanley Load
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Published on 04 Mar 2021 / In Non-profits & Activism

⁣Disclaimer : I never knew him, i wasnt aware of his material till a few hours ago. None the less we have all lost a brother and i wish i did know him. I can already tell he was grounded, enlightened and a warrior. This is an emotional response to a fallen brother i never knew.

I have ZERO intention of any attention, and renown or like i knew him. I didnt. I only want to attempt to mirror and show my respect to a fallen brother.

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gchase 20 days ago

I retire in 6 months. I only learned these things less than 8 years ago.
I completely red-pilled everything I thought I knew. We have been conditioned to be stupid consumers and obedient walking ATMs.
Study history on your own.
Learn & grow to be truly free
The MSM media is man-hating shit!
News? Nothing but main-swamp-media.
Best of luck to you...to us all.

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Duugus 1 month ago

I hear you brother. Thanx for the mirror. I never knew him and I wish I did. Damn smart kid. Wish he knew it. Damn.

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

Western civilization sucks ukraine,russia is more a manly place to settle down to.

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