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Relationships Have Consequences | The Red Man Group Ep. 182 with @ShawnTSmith

Published on 25 Sep 2023 / In Entertainment

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Episode 182 of @TheRedManGroup with host @AnthonyDreamJohnson and returning guest to the show Dr. Shawn T. Smith. Shawn is a clinical psychologist, author, and apex alpha male based in Denver, Colorado.

Today's episode focuses on relationships, risk management for men, protecting your commitment, and Dr. Smith's newest book "Gatekeeper: The Tactical Guide to Commitment".

Pick it up now on Amazon and leave a 5 star review for the good doc! https://amzn.to/3PwWxYm

Learn more from Dr. Smith at https://ironshrink.com
Follow Shawn at https://twitter.com/ironshrink

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You owe a lot of amends to a lot of people - starting with the people you set up by getting your drug fucked stooges to attack with the gun that you loaded....

But your just lying your way out of it now - the Redman hiatus wasn't because of the kid, it was because everyone walked out on you and your bullshit.

So fuck off with your lying too.

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