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Redeemer statue in Brazil lit up with a message of of the Poison Injection

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Published on 18 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

Religions are Brainwashing this about sums everything up.
I think this has gotten a little bit out of hand.

Canada is fake, Canada is not an accident or a work in progress or a thought experiment. I mean that Canada is a scam — a pyramid scheme, a ruse, a heist. Canada is a front. And it’s a front for a massive network of resource extraction companies, oil barons, and mining magnates.
If you’ve never attended a Canadian history class, here is the short version: European settlers spent their first years in this part of the continent hunting beavers in order to turn their pelts into fancy hats.
Founded through the fur trade, the Hudson’s Bay company operated as the de facto government in large portions of what is now Canada for nearly 200 years between 1670-1869.

Private enterprises like these, with backing from the French Globalist's and then the British Globalist's governments, claimed larger and larger swathes of the continent to claim more and more fur, lumber, and ore, often directly stealing from and overpowering Indigenous trading systems that had been successful in place for thousands of years.

Eventually they spread their land grab theft all the way to the Pacific Ocean and the northern coastlines in pursuit of gold, silver, iron, copper, nickel, and diamond reserves.

The eventual formation of Canada as “Canada” came about in the late 1800s for nakedly economic reasons, primarily to benefit the Globalist's companies and conglomerates that were trading Canadian natural resources with the British, but also to facilitate railroad construction (using slave labor) in which Masonic (Freemason) civic leaders had investments.

On some level, this history closely mirrors that of all colonial states. It’s a pattern that Marx once described as “primitive accumulation,” the principle economic drive of colonialism.

Through the enclosure and seizure of resources, for the purposes of their privatization, entire populations and regions are brought into the scope of a ruling Globalist's class which now owns the means of production and has the power to exploit workers (slaves/Canadians) with no choice but to accept the conditions forced upon them by threat of violence or murder.
The population is tiny, spread mostly along the southern border, and in most of the land mass — the parts claimed by “the Globalist's crown” and private Globalist's companies, (which re owned by the same Globalist's) and largely inhabited by Indigenous communities that have lived there since the beginning of human memory — anything resembling state services or essential infrastructure is few and far between.

Even the few defining things we can claim as “Canadian,” like socialized medicine or pristine wilderness, are under threat by Globalist's conservative politicians with an eye for privatization.

There has never been n election in Canada it has been an illusion of fraud since its foundation, nd millions of uneducated Canadian slaves keep voting in their own demise of destruction, theft, and depopulation or replacement of themselves.

Every Prime Minister is Freemason or belongs to the 300 Committee Club of the Vatican.

The pattern of primitive accumulation continues.

This pattern lies at the heart of the shell corporation they call “Canada,” and forms the logic of both domestic and international policy for their Globalist's plan.
The mining industry is the most egregious example. Over 75 percent of the world’s mining companies are based in Canada. There’s some historical rationale here — the country was literally built on, around, and by the resource extraction industry.

Still, this ridiculous preponderance is largely due to intentional moves by Canadian federal and provincial governments to attract mining money. For instance, mining companies can legally lay claim to minerals found underneath the ground basically anywhere in the province of Ontario, and in British Columbia, mining companies can stake claims on land without even having to be physically present.

Most of the physical geography of Canada is used for resource extraction purposes; nearly 90 percent of the land in Canada is “unlawfully owned” by federal or provincial governments who re is de-facto and unlawful (41 percent and 48 percent, respectively), and most of that land is licensed out for private companies to use largely as they see fit.

Maybe that’s why Canada is so reluctant to address its outsized role in global UN Agenda 21/30 catastrophe, even though Canada has exported that environmental destruction elsewhere as well, because mining is effectively the basis of Canadian foreign policy.
Canadian mining companies have free rein to devastate lands and communities in Central America and throughout Africa, and face virtually no consequences.

Learn how to end the Corrupt Corporation called Canada INC

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Embedded Basis
Embedded Basis 5 months ago

Yes. The vaccine saves... us from having to perform genocide ourselves.

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sardonicsmile 6 months ago


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Lucifer333 6 months ago

if juses says it, then it must be true, right?
(Why protestants think using statues is stupid)

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Mustang 6 months ago

NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!! Jesus saves, the Experimental Gene Therapy (The Jab) KILLS!!!!!!! Please check out the websites healthimpactnews.com and lifesitenews.com for the real truth about The Experimental Gene Therapy. Dont believe the blatant propaganda coming from the Mainstream News Media.
The Jab has killed 4,400 in America so far and paralyzed thousands more.
The Jab has killed 10,000 in Europe so far and paralyzed thousands more.
Hundreds die each week from this Experimental Gene Therapy.
This is MEDICAL AND GOVERNMENT MALPRACTICE on a scale never seen before in human history!!! Dear Jesus, have mercy on us!!!

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JMGTOW 6 months ago

I was waiting for a divine lightning bolt to strike down on this fools but no such luck....

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