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Red Pill Nation Hangout #362

Published on 01 Mar 2024 / In News & Politics

Red Pill Nation Hangout #362
1. 7:21 Pierre Poilievre says no space for biological men in women’s spaces
2. 26:36 Google Image AI is outed for being racist and creator (Jack Krawczk) is exposed for being incredibly woke
3. 59:59 Libs of Tick Tock banned from Stripe, also getting blamed for child’s accidental death, Nex Benedict
4. 1:16:42 Julian Assange Extradition Trial Underway
5. 1:29:25 City of Edmonton Anti Protest Bill removed after left found out it also applies to them
6. 1:43:20 Westlock, Alberta votes to remove Rainbow Crosswalks and Flags from It’s Town
7. 2:15:45 Madame Web Tanking Hard Worst MCU Movie Ever

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