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Red Pill Nation Hangout #294

Published on 21 Mar 2023 / In News & Politics

Red Pill Nation Hangout #294 1. 6:04 Women dismissed testifying for Andrew Tate because the judge decided that they were brainwashed
2. 24:53 Online Misogyny set to be outlawed in Great Britain
3. 50:24 Ex-Playboy model Kelsey Turner sentenced in beating death of psychiatrist found in Mercedes trunk
4. 1:15:37 Things are starting to Unravel for Eliza Bleu
5. 1:37:17 Lesbian Feminist Couple Sexually Abused Five-Year-Old Child Because He Was A Boy
6. 2:00:27 YouTube kids caught airing Inappropriate Content and Propaganda
7. 2:26:28 Finnish Transgender Figure Skater

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