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Red head/ginger women is advertising that simps are welcome to join her.


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Published on 22 Jan 2022 / In Other

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FL_Steve 4 months ago

simps gonna simp

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sorearm 4 months ago

She's average AT BEST

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TheDemonKing 4 months ago

Her face isn't THAT pretty,she's actually kinda average. I've dated gingers prettier than her and probably spent less money on the entire relationship than these simps spend on her in a couple hours!
And also ya know,I actually got to have sex with those gingers. So I wasn't wasting my money I actually got what I wanted in return
If you've got money to spend on women,stay away from only fans and go out on some dates,you'll actually get laid....well maybe not with all of them but you'll spend less money and you'll at least sleep with a few of them.

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Drums_McBashington 4 months ago

Her gut was looking for a safe place to sit. It chose her lap.

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Councilof1 4 months ago

Yeah I don't understand paying for what is free. Just makes no sense.

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