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Reasons My Wife Hasn't Slept With Me In 20 Years LOL - MGTOW

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Published on 26 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Guy tells reasons why his wife hasn’t slept with him in 20 years. I'm speechless.

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by the 2nd part of Riley's more than generous donation. This time what I want to do is cover a Reddit topic post called: "Guy tells reasons why his wife hasn’t slept with him in 20 years. Im speechless." I've also put it down below in the description. So here's what the mystery man on a page called DeadBedrooms has to say and I quote: Number one, sex is for attracting and landing a mate. Then for reproduction. It's not a lifetime obligation. Number 2, There is too much pressure to do sex "right" So it's therefore better to not do it all. Number 3, Yes she knew it hurt me, but she was sure I would stay. Therefore, why engage in the arguement? Especially since it might lead to some kind of sex? Easier to say and do nothing. Number 4, Her identity didn't stem from her genitals. Mine shouldn't either. Number 5, Yes, she did/does love me. Don't need sex to prove it. Number 6, No, she did not/does not miss it. The last 20+ years since I quit trying have been "pleasant". Number 7, My value outside the bedroom was far greater than inside. I was a good father, husband, provider, etc. Being a good lover wasn't important to her. Number 8, Sex is messy, sweaty, messes up her hair, leads to wanting more sex. Far better things to do with her time. Number 9, Yes, orgasms are enjoyable, but so is a good meal. Good meals don't come with baggage. Number 10, If she could have gone her whole life without sex, she would have. Number 11, No, she has not had a lover, pined for one, etc. She has never masturbated. She is not attracted to women. Why should she do any of this? There is more stuff, but it gets sorta redundant and is more justification than explanation. You probably get the overall point. Sex for her was a means to certain ends. Once accomplished, it no longer served any valuable purpose in her life. I'm honestly not mad by this. I got over being decades ago. I made the choice to stay. It's telling she knew it was hurting me but chose not to do anything about it. In a way I can respect the cold logic to it. She was getting the life she wanted. Why do something unnecessary to retain it? Well well well ain't this swell. I'm sure that feminists are cheering this man on as the prime example of what an emasculate man should be. He should provide and protect without getting erect. I'll get to my thots about the comments from the mystery man from dead bedrooms in just a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Brave Browser: Anyways, now back to the video. All I have to say to the man that left those comments is that it might be time to get those testosterone levels checked. Especially if you work at buzzfeed. Apparently four of the men that work there have lower testosterone levels than the average eighty year old male. It's not something to be proud about it's something cry about and with low testosterone a man certainly knows how to easily shed some tears. But as for the mystery man listening to his comments was like watching a slow motion car wreck of a man's life. He's full of cognitive dissonance and spends a lot of time trying to convince others that he's perfectly fine about the situation. But if he was he never would have written eleven different points outlining his situation. When he says that arguing might lead to sex which is something he probably does want to have but because she doesn't that's why I won't argue. This man won't even argue so that he can have makeup sex with his wife because I guess that would manipulating her or something.

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johnhintergardt1972 6 months ago

Jesus what a cunt.

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UnwillingVillian 6 months ago

How is a woman like a tile floor?
If you lay her right the first time, you can walk on her forever.
Laying her right entails much more than just making her cum. Lay down the law. Lay down the non-negotiable terms of you being the man who decides how you will live, with or without her. Then, look her in the eyes & say take it or leave it. If you do that & mean it, you can probably make her cum without even touching her physically.

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Jhulios32000 6 months ago

Brasil Ok

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They need to spread their legs. I mean come on at least do the one and only thing they are good at.

   1    0
UnwillingVillian 6 months ago

...some of them are good at it, Some not. That's why I like 'but-her-faces'. Women with a great body but not so great face. There's something about that photogenic Hollywood supermodel face that really warps a woman's mind in many ways. One of which being she thinks she's bestowing the greatest gift ever upon you by just laying there like a corpse & letting you fuck her. Ugly women, on the other hand, will put some effort into it.

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sunflwr 6 months ago

Wait did she say she’s never MASTERBATED!!!???? i- did I hear that right? Sir, I believe your wife is asexual.

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Mademyownway 6 months ago

Forgot -
I am tired.
I am not happy with my body.
I am not in the mood - ever!

Dude is a limp ass and afraid he will lose his shit.

Women use the slot c to trap man and then after the kid trap is dropped the marriage turns into just a partnership.

If I am paying for everything, then she better drop to her knees or spread those legs when I want.

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TheWealthy1 6 months ago

Some people's lives are cautionary tales. MGTOW is the way.

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Wolf_joseph 6 months ago

Its Entanglement August
RIP Will Smith

   3    0
LongRedRoad 6 months ago

what a perfect simp... for the perfect manipulative bitch.
The worst part is he had kids! I feel so fkn sorry for his kids!!!!

   3    0

SHE had kids, that's for sure...

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