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Reason to avoid fefail Mechanic's

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Published on 19 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

She had torqued on the first bolt (assuming SHE did it up)? and not a guy and then proceed's to screw the life out of the second bolt and breaks it off! lol! You DO NOT use a Torque wrench to do bolts up? You hand tighten the bolt or nut first, put a ring spanner on it and pinch it up slightly, then you set the torque setting and GENTLY apply pressure!Jeeezzzz! Best advise I can give is Don't let a feminist near your machinery! I don't have a ratchet Torque Wrench so this doesn't happen to ME! My Wrench is both Newton's andFoot Pounds. I'm also assuming her name is Tamsen? oir it's the name of the bike. these fefails love to give objects a name don't they?

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AvyScottAndFlower 28 days ago

THat TYPICAL face of 'Oh, what do I do now?'

That's NOT the kind of person you want as your doctor/surgeon, diagnostician, mechanic, etc.

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anonmachina 1 month ago

I don't trust torque wrenches (I had two [2] new ones [for different ranges] that refused to 'click' at the proper setting, one of them ALMOST costing me a disaster with a rather large screw [rear brake caliper]). After that experience, I switched to impact wrench torque delimiting bars, which allow me to torque to SPECS without the concern of a non-clicking wrench (for smaller screws, I did purchase a torque wrench usually used on motorcycles, but have not used it to date, my right arm still torquing values quite accurately to date).

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AtillaTheHung 1 month ago

Women are mental midgets even when they're trying real hard at trying to be smarter than a monkey

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The other issue is the follow on..... Watching the retard extract the broken bolt from the carrier. Banana lounge, sunny afternoon, getting the occassional head job, reading a great Sci-Fi book, falling asleep occassionally, another head job, a round of sandwiches, more sleeping and more reading.... 8 hours later, she is still trying to get the broken bolt out....

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SOLID MGTOW MONK 2 months ago

Sounds a little odd, was she even suppose to use a torque wrench for that? Also it looked like she was holding the wrench wrong.

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Mustang 2 months ago

Time for the Easy-Outs, Girlfriend!!!

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SoloManZone 2 months ago

Femons don't understand how things work, they just copy what they have seen, without any understanding why and how

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