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REALITY Is Making Them SUFFER!!!

Published on 25 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

Remember gents, they WANTED this. Let them enjoy their new REALITY.

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30203forever 12 months ago

The real reason she wants to be "taken care of" is not the "popped" tires but her sub 70 IQ coefficient. In other words, the broad is a moron. P.S. She was not tired enough to put a pound of fake-up on her mug, change her eyelashes, pump her lips with Botox and record that dumb-ass video.

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crimsonhawk 12 months ago

Nah foo, youre a strong ass puta who don't need no man!!

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ShadowMonk_OFFICIAL 12 months ago

Reality is quite a rude bitch of an awakening to W.hores O.nlyfans M.oney E.xcuses N.arcissism

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kaluz55 12 months ago

Changing tires was the last straw? Pure weakness.

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