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REALITY Is Making Them SUFFER!!!

Published on 25 May 2023 / In People & Blogs

Remember gents, they WANTED this. Let them enjoy their new REALITY.

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30203forever 2 days ago

The real reason she wants to be "taken care of" is not the "popped" tires but her sub 70 IQ coefficient. In other words, the broad is a moron. P.S. She was not tired enough to put a pound of fake-up on her mug, change her eyelashes, pump her lips with Botox and record that dumb-ass video.

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crimsonhawk 3 days ago

Nah foo, youre a strong ass puta who don't need no man!!

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ShadowMonk_OFFICIAL 4 days ago

Reality is quite a rude bitch of an awakening to W.hores O.nlyfans M.oney E.xcuses N.arcissism

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kaluz55 5 days ago

Changing tires was the last straw? Pure weakness.

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