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Re: Sandman - Its Not All Women's Fault - MGTOW

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Published on 06 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs

Women are too strategically incompetent for it to be all their fault. Its well established by now that most women are like children from the tantrums they throw to punishing men for being honest about how they look in that dress. In my opinion women are too scatterbrained to pull off a complex operation such as the sabotage of the entire US. Even if a 5 yearold child was evil and vindictive he would still be too clueless to do any real damage outside of crashing a car into the fence. Me personally, I really do believe that there are elites working from the shadows to bring about the NWO and they're just using women as a means to do it.

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DUDAHR 10 months ago

Womens' island - the paralimpics
Mens' island - Olympus

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 11 months ago

partially true and partially not true. Yeah there were very few good women or NAWALTs out here who weren’t to blame which are some very very small percent but they are the older generations of women. Most women today especially millennial and GenerationZ women and girls are terrible in many ways. And most of the bad women blend in very well with the very good few, Making it extremely difficult, Tricky and impossible to find the right woman. There is a very small minority of good women and no doubt their daughters are screwed by now by all the gynocentric programming and all the next generation of women after generation Z are all fucked permanently beyond repair. Even if there are good women, The juice is still and will not be worth the squeeze anymore, Cohabitation with any woman you do or don’t know is like both a combination of spinning the game wheel and playing russian roulette at the same time with all odds stacked against you, it’s better to stay monk mode for life.

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Rozzie 11 months ago

Yes i agree with you.. You do touch the connections between Deepstate and feminism.

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