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Ranger School: Lower Standards, Higher Prices | Live From The Lair

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Published on 15 Nov 2021 / In Other

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“Diversity and inclusion” for the sake of hurt feelings has a high cost. Human life. And a lot of it.
#AirborneRanger #RangerSchool #Military

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FatAlbert 22 days ago

Marines were forced to "integrate" with the BAMs about the same time they had to start taking CRT classes. Not long ago they got their asses kicked in a training op against the Brits and their unionized Dutch allies, a first for them but probably not the last time.

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James1225 22 days ago

Woke, joke, foolish American forces are done. There is no day after pill for incompetence and bad decisions on a battlefield, only dead. A country and society who despises your gender and skin color does not deserve protection or defense. Drive on hard gentlemen, insure your own interests, this society and country doesn’t care for your welfare.

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sauger1001 22 days ago

I say to Terrence Popp: OohRah! And yes, we're fvcked as a nation. The vast majority of these broads (whether they run from danger or not) will be cannon fodder for the CCP People's Army. Have yet to read about (maybe they've kept it under wraps, like brown nosers do) any broads "passing" Officer's Infantry training, or Recon Training.

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sauger1001 22 days ago

Something tells me that Ranger school, much like USMC Infantry Training school, couldn't prepare us for female nature, in their 3rd or 4th Wave feminist phase. JMO.

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I bet when Terrence was jumping out of helicopters with all of his butch, he manly man friends, that he was "Jumping in Love" out of the helicopters.

Actually with Terrence, when a search is made for images, 'gay army rangers' - either Terrence, you missed out on a whole lot of "army action" or there is a whole level of butchly butch exciting adventures that your just not telling us about.

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sauger1001 22 days ago

In my time in the USMC, guys like these would get a "blanket party", if found out. If you kept your "lifestyle" in the closet (OFF base was your business), nothing was said, but once your were busted, you were immediately discharged. Today, faggots like Obama would encourage sodomy and other abominations.

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@sauger1001: I like SOME gay guys and I like SOME gay marriages...... Some gay sexual stuff, with the drugs and the gay scenes and all the crazy shit - the high risk sex, the rampant screwing around etc... Not into it. Just like I am not into the same shit from HETROSEXUAL MEN or WOMEN. And as far as "All the righteous Bro's picking on the gay guys" - with their heads full of biblical bullshit from the stone age... I won't wear that shit either.

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Councilof1 22 days ago

As far as I'm concerned if you don't meet standard, well you don't meet standard. Those standards exist for very good reason, usually.

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Lucifer333 22 days ago

war does care about standards, lack of standards, it is about winning or dying,..., you fuck with reality, you die..

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