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"Why Am I Still Single?!" Why Modern Women FAIL To Find Relationships

Published on 02 Apr 2024 / In Entertainment

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Miss Picky - After a day or two to digest the issues - she has a kind of nice face..


People tend to have usage marks on their faces, relevant to the expressions they pull most of the time, which reflects their mind set, which is their typical attitudes and thinking patterns...

While she LOOKS kind of nice, her face is a compost heap of nastiness...

There are no smiley marks on it.....

Just ugly, nasty, petty and spitefully vindictive.

It's like running into her by accident, "Oh god fuck... how do I get out of here?"

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BIGLOAD 18 days ago

Fuck their Fuckin' dinner.

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WMHarrison94 17 days ago

Oh come on man... we don't need no American Pie scene of men fucking an apple pie or a roasted turkey...

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Miss Picky - In some ways - she is not bad looking... In a slightly odd way.....

Kind of a caricature - a blond Betty Boop kind of a block head.

But she also looks "character wise" - like a real bucket of retarded shit.

A nasty, petty, deceitful, picky, unpleasant, piece of unfuckable femininity.

The Betty Boop Block Head

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