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"Where Are The Men?!" 30+ Yr Old Women Are Getting DESPARATE To Find A Man

Published on 19 Apr 2024 / In Entertainment

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You have to know this - your videos are so helpful to so many other men.....

Jesus fuck.... Brain cells popping off an alarming rate..

Homeless Bums the lot of them......

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That look of surprise as the idea sinks in......

"When I was 23 I had stacks of men to fuck... and now I am 33.... Ummmmm where are they?"

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The fake up gets so much better - they have had 10 - 15 years of daily practice.....

And now because their eggs have died off and their cunts have dried out....

------------ And no one cares. ------------

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RoofKorean 1 month ago

Thot Translation: Where are all the men that meet my ridiculous standards? Answer: They’re fucking all the 20yr olds.

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bigintol03 1 month ago


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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

True... she said it herself... a man is a long term thinker in what he sees in the future... you know what's not in his future? Your wrinkly old ass bitch...

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ArgonRaysabre 1 month ago


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