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"This Was Absolutely Telegraphed"Bill Gates & Company

Published on 11 Aug 2022 / In Film & Animation

Formed a Plan to Profit off the Next Pandemic in 2017

In 2017, the WEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation produced a business plan that said, "The next pandemic will be a business opportunity." CEPI's response to the business opportunity was the development of vaccines with no mention of treatment whatsoever.

A Shot in the Arm for a Respiratory Illness Also Has a Terrible Track Record

Flu Vaccine - 17% efficacy
Pneumovax - 9% efficacy

Dr. Peter McCullough: "There isn't a single shot in the arm that does virtually anything for a respiratory illness, and so the COVID vaccines had come with an implicit talking point, and the talking point [was] 'They are safe, and they are effective, and you will take them.' "


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