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"Taking Step Daddy Applications"(24 yr old MOM of 3 KIDS)

Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In People & Blogs

NOTICE: Step Daddy Applications 💰 are Being Accepted. Mom of 3 Kids, 24 and TikTok Star. Cheated with BF's DAD Now WANT Him Back- https://youtu.be/dexz_6T2pTE. Gen Z Goes Viral, "I Can't Get D & 2k BodyCount Girl" - https://youtu.be/xgJ2rroYueo

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DutchCobbler 3 months ago

Chad and Tyrone keep getting their dick wet: women most affected.

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Pompousandfaggy 3 months ago

Underachievers whine about “working your ass off“... They almost always are super ineffective people. Winners just work their ass off and reap rewards with little commentary

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sauger1001 3 months ago

The application that today is RARELY filled out, for obvious reasons. No long lines for step dads. Of course, keeping those legs closed is rarely discussed, not even when it's too late, and the "puck has slipped past the ? goalie" (CGA).

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TheRedKnight 3 months ago

thanks for commenting on the video! im also including mental health topics in my slew of knowlesge and playlists :D hope you continue to enjoy the channel :D

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