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"Never Judge a Woman by her Past" (analysis)

Texting Prince
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Published on 18 Jan 2021 / In Entertainment

This is lesson 3 of the 5 lessons women learned in the year 2020 livestream.

In today's video we are going to talk about how many women today falsely believe that her past shouldn't matter.

In reality her past DOES matter - but the lesson many women today believe is that it SHOULDN'T matter which allows them to continue living this extremely promiscuous lifestyle 'guilt-free'



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RickyLux 2 months ago

I believe there are 4 sexes, and genders. Here, let me explain:

You have male/female. And masculine/feminine respectively as you all know of.

Then you have asexual, and intersex. And agender/intergender respectively.

Those latter two on the sex side of it are a real thing in science. People are on occasion born without genitals, or a mix of the two which defies categorizing them as one sex or the other because they blur those lines. IE they become intersex, some weird mixture of both. And to me, saying there's only two sexes simply put insinuates such people don't exist. When they do, in fact exist. So by stating that there's only TWO sexes, you're saying that either those people don't exist OR that they aren't human/alive. Which, just shows a denial of reality.

I prefer to be consistent at the very least, so while there's no more than 4.(Because all humans fall in one of those 4 camps.) Those 4 do in fact exist. You can prove them to exist. :) Best part? Gender mirrors sex identically, which makes sense in light of biological evolution on psychology.

I also distinguish sex from gender because let's face it, what your identity is sometimes doesn't match what your sex is. So, there should be a term to describe the identity alone.(Because language's entire job is that. Fashioning means to abstractly communicate concepts and ideas between individuals.) Hence, since gender was divorced from sex in the fucking 60s for that exact purpose i will use it as such. We already have a term for the biological sexual characteristics of biological entities, that is SEX. So why should we complicate things by adding any other word to describe the same thing? Because that just makes it redundant at best and obsolete at worst. Gender makes sense for this role because it has been used for it for decades and is already diverged linguistically in usage, so it's just easier to absorb it as the de facto term for describing an individual's psychological leanings towards which sexual role they identify as most.

That's why i divorced sex from gender in my head a long time ago. It solves a lot of linguistical issues and allows me to communicate things more accurately. Which, is the purpose of language yes?

Just wanted to say that since you brought that up. :) Chime in and see what your response will be. I think this stance is fairly sound logically, memes aside. Least as to how accurate it is based on biology.

Personally if i could shapeshift i would basically become a superhuman being. Whose biologically immortal and could literally overcome almost anything. I would be like The Thing but not contagious. :)

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RoboCat 2 months ago

"[I said] 2 or 3, knowing I had like 56 at the time."

Yep, that sounds about right. Never believe a woman, especially about anything related to personal responsibility, self-control, honor or dignity. They have none of these things but will lie to you, claiming otherwise.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Her own past always reveals her future.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Hot and ready = cheap and low quality. Hard up for low grade vag.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

Ones past defines them. If someone has a record certain actions and deeds then that is their pattern and will repeat it time and again.

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Mademyownway 2 months ago

What young guys need to learn what a fresh pussy looks like and what a worn out slot C looks like. Roast beef taco equals a cum dumpster. Or if she has had surgery to make that roast beef look like a fresh taco. Just notice how good she sucks your dick. If she acts like a pro, dump your load and move on running away.
Wester culture and feminist have screwed women to hell.
What westernized woman are finding out is it is a very long time to 80 being single with her cats.

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Fangs13 2 months ago

a "real man" would not shame a "real woman" when you find a "real" woman, come talk to me.
"hot and ready" = a proustite escort = a whore = a cumdump.
after you "start a body count" you aren't a woman anymore, you are just a cheap cum trash, the higher it goes, the lesser your value becomes, and you miss 50+ you aren't a human, but rather you are a walking cum bank! you are just a sperm dump. just like a trash dump.
lesson 3 women learned .. death to dignity, be everyone's toilet! keep going up to 100! please make sure to cultivate your STDs garden!
and make sure you DIE because of multiple STDs! since you are simply a sperm garbage dump by this point!
death to honor, dignity, building a family or a legacy, death to marriage, death to basically all kinds of virtue! and all what is sacred! just go out and multiply like a germ! have DNAs from the whole country!
"no one should judge you on your number" ... and you should not judge anyone when you end up dying! because of being .. a cumdump!
this is no more "thotry" bro these are bio-sperm dumps. in fact i'm surprised by now if they weren't already having sex with all kinds of shit!
dogs, cats, horses, apes, and basically anything that produces sperm!
these creatures ... require death's mercy. living is too much for them. way too much.
so WAP = Wet Ass Pussy... so .. a Wet Ass Pussy dance is merely combining some silly gymnastic and every time the whore singer says Wet Ass Pussy , you twerk a little, making sure that your slutty butt and vagina stick out as much as possible ..
if twerking is the international official call of whores, sluts, tarts prostitutes and whatnot for their pimp to come and start working with them ..
Wet Ass Pussying "dance" is simply the same but times x 10!
you are spreading for the whole world the mating call, and you are also begging all pimps and non-pimps to come and turn you into a sperm dump!
being single has never been more rewarding right now! you keep all what they throw into the fire.

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