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"Intergender fight": Scrawny soyboy fights a soccer mom

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Published on 31 Oct 2021 / In Sports

This could only happen in Russia. This bout between a man and a woman clearly featured two people with no combat experience. In the end, the patriarchy won again.

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finally was able to log back in

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Creampieminator 3 months ago

the soy boy clearly are making a big effort to look weaker, but it was impossible.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 3 months ago

The white knight was wearing black...
Got to love when the Soviets go on vodka.

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nest006 3 months ago

Agreed with the comments below. Height and reach. Obviously this dude has some good old privilege going on that entitles him to whup this victim.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Bro, this made my day! I liked when milf momma bear literally kicked his ass: it seemed to me, that was the "I‘m ending this" moment. It reminded me of the gladiatorial Lesbian sex videos where the loser gets pegged as the bitch right there on the matt! I believe there are fag and hetereosexual 'couple‘ versions: The men usually win. Shocker! Iusually watch the two men long enough to see which was the bitch, and then moved onto next. What sucked was I had to download the vids and remember to delete it.

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