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"I Would Do Anything For A Good Man" Single Mother Cries After Realizing No Men Want Her Anymore

Published on 25 May 2023 / In Entertainment

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deathdealer 5 days ago

These entitlement people are totally dellusional; a little intro-spection would serve them well. They cannot keep a relationship and expect to have a perfect man to be their life raft. If they were rational they would look in the mirror and question what was wrong with them and not just foist their short comings on the males. In my best Mr. Rogers impersonation "Can we say lack oof accountability", I knew you could!

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KRONAG 5 days ago

''...but I haven't found that guy yet...'''

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Lady, you have very few options. You are on almost nobody's radar. You fake-cry and piss and moan about not having a man...and then you present a laundry list??


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sbseed 5 days ago

latina whore is full of SHIT!!!!
you fucked up your life by riding the cock-carousel, you ran over and passed by guys that would have been good fathers/husbands...
you shit your own bed now you get to sleep in that massive pile you yourself created, shut up bitch.

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LOL - they never ask me to rescue them......

"Ewwwwww that fat cunt! Never!"


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sauger1001 5 days ago

TTF bringing the heat, with a couple of curveballs, just to mix things up. Lol.

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