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"I'm Sorry I Cheated, I Still Want Our Marriage" [feat. True Story]

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Published on 11 Sep 2020 / In Entertainment

YouTuber'True Story' recently read a Reddit post that was written by a man who has beenmarried for 11 years, and found out one New Year's morning that his wife hadcheated on him. I will analyze this Reddit post, and offer some strong opinionsabout where this man went wrong and how he could have avoided all theheartache, pain and embarrassment he's dealing with.

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Bagoodman 1 year ago

Phuck the dumb wife cunt's Mind up ! Send the kid's to grandma's then Bring a HOT Bitch Home And Fuck Her Right In font of the X wife too be !..FIN !

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Furioso 1 year ago

No reason to get married ,no reason to have relationshits which can destroy you emotionally ,physically and financially ,no reason to play mind games ,no reason to risk to be falsely accused ,many reasons to go his own way .If i want to fuck a carousel rider ,i go to brothels ,i don't waste time ,i know how much it will cost and i don't have to give personal informations to risk false accusations .Winning .If a man is truly redpilled and alpha who think with his big head and not his little one ,knowing female nature ,open hypergamy with social medias and gynocentric laws ,he choose to not date these masculine lying retarded whores for his own safety.A man who still successfully date and get laid is just a purple pilled simp who plays with fire .Women are not women anymore ,they don't want to submit to men ,they have backups of the government ,you can't maintain the so called "frame" when you're married ,in relationshits or for one night stands ,women can bait and switch anytime and men can't do nothing ,deal with it .

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