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"Hold Your Own Nutz!" Friday Sessions - S01E01 - Tell Your Woman To Lose Weight! (Remix)

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Published on 12 Sep 2020 / In Entertainment

⁣This is the first video in my "Hold Your Own Nutz!" Session Series. More men need to be that brutally honest, aggressive leader. Maybe this will help. In this episode, I break down how you lay the groundwork to tell your woman to lose weight!

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Furioso 1 year ago

Or she call the cops on you because you have hurt too hard her feelings and tell them that she was physically assaulted or raped and your life have high chances to be fucked .Men walks on eggs in relationships or casual hookups today .Real alphas nowadays don't put themselves in risky positions just to make their schlong wet .One more time ,women are not women anymore and they are government's property ,not men's property ,we no longer live in 1950 .Modern women don't want to submit to men ,they want to fuck alpha men and want to change them into beta cucks and if they fail ,they quit the alpha and try another one ,they will cheat on you anyway ,they have hundreds of options every day and the majority of them have been brainwashed by feminism .Nothing personnal ,but get your PUA shit out of here .You don't help men with this type of content ,you just push them in the meat grinder .Hookers are the only women who i deal with sexually and i suggest to all other men to do the same until laws change but we all know here that they never will .This society is a hunting ground where men are the target ,adapt or suffer .

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Bagoodman 1 year ago

This one's NOT for me i'm staying MONK Mode No Bitch No problems . I'm so glad i'm old I had a great time in the 70's & 80's early 90's Before the STD Plague, Me too and other bull shit ! *** MGTOW monk FOREVER ***

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