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"He Ghosted Me After Our First Date" | Dating After Divorce Is DOOMED

Published on 17 Sep 2023 / In Entertainment

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Leader_Desslok 6 days ago

"dating apps are really difficult for most men" . Thanks for the insults . the only difficulty men find on dating apps is trying to find a woman that is not a 304 . also waiting for a women to send you a message or respond to yours . only 10% of the guys on those apps are getting any responses . so in response to your question " why are the men ditching the dating apps and going their own way ?" it is because you project your feeling of superiority with your ,condescending , smarmy attitude and obviously patronizing and childish advice .

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sauger1001 9 days ago

4:30. Sounds like another fatherless waah☻️man. Just wondering why she got divorced? Just asking for a friend (Popp/Blake).

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Mustang 9 days ago

I don't do Dating Apps. I've chosen the MGTOW Monk Mode Lifestyle. Much, much better way to live.

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sauger1001 9 days ago

Much more quiet. Lol!

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Never_Again 9 days ago

00:44 ... Fuck Me @Taylor The Fiend #TaylorTheFiend ... ha-ha-Fucking-ha ... Not another one.? WTF ?
Even a Rat of The Sky aka Sea-Fucking-Gull is busting his gullet @ these dumb bitches. LOL.

ah, Fuck Me our species is fucking doomed fur sore. ah fuck, that reminds me those nasty crabs ate my ball sack so much
from that "born again" christ-Massace single mother bitch blow job a few daze back that my whole crotch area iz itchy fucking sore.

I was wondering the whole time while that bitch was licking & sucking my balls why / what was causing her upper lip seem to quiver & shit, I thought it was IA generated lip stick activated by dick & ball licking friction. Nah just a nudder nasty dirty fucking meth mouth whore bitch. We met @ her daddies church fucking pancake breakfast gathering 2 weeks ago, damn her mom was dressed like this hot tart hoe bag. ...

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sauger1001 9 days ago


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