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"All Games are Politcal"

Published on 23 Sep 2023 / In Gaming

Video games are an amazing medium for competitions, story and atmosphere, but what if the games that you pay your hard earned money for turns out to be another propagandistic mouthpiece of the writers' own views.

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0:00 Premise
0:47 Thesis
1:03 Themes
1:56 Backdrops/Setting
2:57 Persona 5 Introduction
3:24 Persona 5 - Sun Confidant
4:29 Persona 5 - {Redacted}
5:49 Sloganeering
8:07 Dead by Daylight Example
9:45 The Problem
11:46 Turn the Tables
12:15 Elián González
13:31 Final Disclaimer
14:06 Possum Reviews

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Ruxsack 2 months ago

Overwatch is gay, but at least their are some almost based players targeting the faggots. Lol
P.S. Props for the Bomberman Hero track at 11:30 good shit.

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