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Published on 03 Jun 2023 / In Film & Animation

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This film "A Story of Copper" was produced by the Bureau of Mines in 1951, and informs viewers about the copper production process. It starts with the two different types of mining: surface strip mining and underground tunneling. These are explored in detail including the equipment needed and great footage of dynamite being placed. This is followed by the copper refining process, which includes a lot of grinding, sorting, purifying, and melting to achieve the purity needed for copper. This includes detailed footage of the equipment and the furnaces needed.

0:08 Department of the Interior: Bureau of Mines Logo, 0:15 Title “A Story of Copper”, 0:45 a short text on what is covered in the film, 1:25 overview of a valley and a large copper in the Morenci District, Arizona, 2:46 an excavator loading waste into a truck which it then dumps, 3:05 overview of copper carrying trains, 3:33 New tracks being laid to facilitate ore production, 4:10 mechanics sharpening drill bits, 4:24 blast holes being drilled by churn drills and men preparing dynamite to be put into holes, 6:23 man waves flag as warning signal for everyone to leave, 6:51 man presses detonator and ground explodes, 7:24 excavator loading ore into train and train carries it off, 8:13 overview of the concentrator and smelter, 8:57 ore is dumped from train into a series of crushers, 9:50 ball mills grind down further, 10:31 classifiers further sort the ore with water, 11:29 flotation machines further separating ores, 11:55 massive thickening tanks with ore waste emptying into the canyon, 12:55 “useful” dry ore concentrate dropping off, 13:31 a huge pile of concentrate with a machine slowly chipping away to ensure a steady flow to the furnace, 14:11 inside of the smelter, 14:22 waste “slag” being siphoned off and dumped, 14:41 copper matte siphoned from the furnace and poured into a converter, 15:46 converter empties out blister copper and is transferred to another furnace, 16:22 tree poles being thrown into the smelter to strengthen copper, 17:09 anode copper being poured into forms, cooled down, and chipped into shape by employees, 17:35 overview of Bisbee, Arizona and the copper mine there, 18:19 employees getting onto the elevator to take them into the mines, 19:02 mine carts driving in a dark mine, 20:25 Miner building the supports needed for a new tunnel, 20:57 miners using a machine to create blast holes for a new tunnel, 21:55 miners prepare dynamite sticks and put them in the holes, 22:58 mechanical loader removing debris post blast, 23:20 miners removing parts of the roof to allow for ore scrapping, 24:45 mine carts being filled with ores and driven to be dumped at a transfer point, 25:36 ore is hoisted to the surface in elevator and dumped into railway carts, 26:20 overview of a copper refinery in El Paso, Texas, 26:47 overview of electrolytic baths for copper anodes for purification with large cranes loading anodes in the bath, 28:04 employees preparing cathode starting sheets which are then suspended in the baths, 28:47 Cathodes lifted out of bath, 29:18 Scientists inspecting samples in a laboratory, 29:55 some copper cathodes are cut into shape by employees, 30:12 some Cathodes are being melted in a furnace, 30:39 tree trunks put into furnace to ensure purity, 31:00 refined copper poured into molds, 31:52 employees inspect copper and then stack it, 32:10 copper is loaded into rail cars for transportation, 32:23 different applications of copper such as women working in a telephone operator office, children singing in a radio recording studio, US navy ships driving in a row, train driving, DC-3 flying, the Liberty bell, and the statue of liberty, 33:56 title “The End”

The Morenci Mine is a large copper mine located near Morenci, Arizona, United States. Morenci represents one of the largest copper reserves in the United States and in the world, having estimated reserves of 3.2 billion tonnes of ore grading 0.16% copper. It is located in Greenlee County, just outside the company town of Morenci and the town of Clifton. Freeport-McMoRan is now the principal owner and, since 2016, Sumitomo Group has owned a 13% interest in the mine.

This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD, 2k and 4k. For more information visit

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At 9:45 I get the idea that if not this film, there are many things like it, that gave the Star Wars people a fertile ground to grow their cinematic ideas from in regards to the sheer scale of the droid factories etc...

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