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Putting "Pick-Up Artists" in prison

Published on 20 Nov 2023 / In Film & Animation

As content creators are constantly trying to put out interesting content without having talent, nuisance streamers seemingly gravitate towards bothering strangers in public. But finally is seems some are finding out that being annoying, is not a good way to make money online.

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There is something about retards that are either fucking idiots or provocative "stupid people" that gets up everyone's arses...

Having a prank has to be basically harmless, funny and everyone is on the joke, and no one is the butt of the joke...

And what is it about these cunts - that you only step into beat someone - when it's necessary and important.

What is it that these fucking idiots just don't get?

It's irritatingly stupid and uncalled for....

Fuck me.

I watched this up to the Asian guy was chasing him... and then tried to skip watch him hassling other people... my brain took as shit at the total cluelessness and the fucking idiotic crap this guy was pulling for likes and stunts...

I just bailed... That Darwin Award in front of the trains video, that concentrated stupid, just flipped a switch in my mind....

This one just did my fucking head in.....

Fucking people LEANING into the path of the locomotive that is coming up behind them to take a selfie..... Fucking Jesus.... As well as walking, riding, driving into the path of trains and not looking to see IF any trains are coming.....

Trains - Darwin award --- https://www.mgtow.tv/v/L6aLzo

My registry of shit has just been gutted... I find really stupid shit intolerable.....

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Councilof1 19 days ago

They deserve everything they get. My favorite so far is the streamer who got shot. It's only going to take one white knight and they'll be checking out early. Harass people at your own risk.

Internet trolling is one thing but real life is a very different game.

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