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Putin and China just scored a devestating blow to the USA and Europe

Published on 30 May 2023 / In Film & Animation


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Councilof1 12 months ago

I suspect the American strategy in Taiwan is to lure China into invading Taiwan then bombing Taiwan into the Stone Age. There's a reason Biden has been trying to get TSMC into building a fabrication plant in America. I feel bad for the Taiwanese.

Quite simply America can't win a ground war against China in Asia. Seventy percent of Americans are unfit for military service. Their war toy's are more expensive then ever while being less functional. The best America will get out of a war with China is a Pyrrhic victory. I wish it was otherwise but everyone knows what wishing results in.

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usr6874038614 12 months ago

US has been ruled by traitors since last century.

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bigintol03 12 months ago


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