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Published on 22 Sep 2022 / In Film & Animation

Brisbane Australia - 54 Year old long time television personality is living in complete denial while remaining loyal and dedicated to the CHURCH OF PFIZER. Tracey Spicer began her broadcasting career in the late 80s. She was a newsreader at Network Ten from 1992-2006. Tracey moved to Sky News from 2007-2015. She was embroiled in controversy when her ABC #MeToo television series called Silence No More was released in 2019. ABC and Ms. Spicer revealed the identities of several women who believed they were providing accounts of sexual assault anonymously. ABC apologized, but aired the show anyway. Ms. Spicer threatened to sue some of the women who complained about their identities being revealed.

It is truly amazing to see how loyal this woman is knowing this shot is destroying her health. Insanity.....

Source - Bootcamp / Vaccine Injuries

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Elvis liked to shoot out TV's because he liked too, and because TV was shit.

If I was dumb enough to even have a TV and Spicer was on it.

I'd shoot out the TV - because I hate TV's.

I'd shoot out the TV - because I hate the networks.

I'd shoot out the TV - because Spicer is a cunt.

Unless she was live to air going tits up from a booster shot.... I'd at least wait to see if she was dead.

Then I would shoot the TV out.

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Heavyhand 8 months ago

I remember in California they asked for two weeks to slow the spread of Covid. At first I thought this is fairly reasonable because it might be a Chinese biological weapon. After that I just saw a steady stream of bullshit censorship of dissenting opinions, the fluffing of death certificates, this bullshit about masks.

Yeah I never got vaccinated and never will. Not for Covid.

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Listen to this guy very carefully - He is smart and he is the slow load assasin. Australia's Health Minister was Put on the spot in court with the Virus Question. https://www.mgtow.tv/v/t4DdQC

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Tracey Spicer AM BBus(Comm) MAICD is a multiple Walkley Award winning author, journalist and broadcaster who has anchored national programs for ABC TV and radio, Network Ten and Sky News.

The inaugural national convenor of Women in Media, Tracey is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers and emcees in the region.

In 2019 she was named the NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year, accepted the Sydney Peace Prize alongside Tarana Burke for the Me Too movement, and won the national award for Excellence in Women’s Leadership through Women & Leadership Australia.

In 2018, Tracey was chosen as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence, winning the Social Enterprise and Not-For-Profit category. She was also named Agenda Setter of the Year by the website Women’s Agenda.

For her 30 years of media and charity work, Tracey has been awarded the Order of Australia.


NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian - She has a bounty for about two million mass murders on her head.

Gladys Berejiklian = Bin Chicken Bitch to everyone else.


Miss Goody Two Shoes Spicer - "Yeah Gladys - I'll take the Vax and all the Booster shots.."

"Hey shit for brains - your communist companion has just performed an assisted suicide on you."


And speaking of Organized Marxist Criminal Cartels.



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The Main Sleaze Media = The Australian Media = by and large, are the scum of the fucking earth.
TV in Australia - like over the last 30 + years, the times of having the TV on grew shorter and shorter and the times of NOT switching it on, grew longer and longer - as in days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years and years to decades.
AFTER the floods - when the whole of Australia was flooded in 2011 - and seeing just how fucking retarded the TV networks were with their 24 / 7 IDIOT news cycle, that ran in repeating 3 hour cycles, with only incremental retractions, updates and additions, for weeks on end....

I am sitting in really warm flood water that was like almost 80cm deep - watching the TV... and going, "I know the whole country is flooded. Isn't there anything else on? What about some light weight no brainer escapisim - like "Old Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men" shows or "The Fucking Goodies" or something - anything other than "At 3pm today the flooding in X street in Y town was 6 foot deep and authoratah's are expecting it to increase later tonight" and then 3 hours later, "At 6pm today the flooding in X street in Y town was 6 foot 2 inches deep and authoratah's are expecting it to increase later tonight".

It was like that 24 /7 - on all networks and it was just saturation stupidity. A 10 minute update every hour or two would have been more than sufficient.


After the floods I gave my TV away to a scumbag junkie - Why? Because he deserved it.

I figured out that TV's are the things that you give to people you hate.

AND I have refused to own or watch a TV ever since.

As far as lying cunts like Spicer and all her kiddy fiddling co-hosts, on their shit hole Zionist controlled media go, she is just another corporate whore who will say and do anything for a $.

Have a Global Depopulation Blood Clot Death Shot?
Get sick.

Have a Global Depopulation Blood Clot Booster Shot?
Get sicker

Have another Blood Clot Booster Shot?
Almost die.

"Oh you go Girl - yeah Feminism, the vaccines are amazing, can't wait to get my next one!"

Fuck this idiot.

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UncleIroh 9 months ago

Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Well done and don't forget your monkeypox vaccine!!

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Yeah - shit for brains certainly knows how to promote a great cause for the betterment of all humanity. "What she's dead! Oh noes! - Thank fuck she had all her vaccines and booster shots - so she was protected against COVID. Imagine how much trouble you would be in if you were dead with COVID?" (Double fuck this lame brain bitch)

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You can pretty much wipe the floor with all of Australia's TV / Main Stream Media Personalities - they are all simpletons, liars and crooks. e.g. Take all your kiddies to McDonalds for their parties = $$$$$$$$$$ ad revenue and endorsements. Next thing on the news, "Why isn't the government doing more to combat the 0besity and Diabetes epidemic amongst school age Children? - They are ALL lying hypcritical cunts - and Spice is just another cash cock sucking parasite.

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