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Prepping for Gunfire | Live From The Lair

Terrence Popp
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Published on 20 Jun 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Responding to more questions from patriotic dudes out there, Popp goes into some good supplies to have in the upcoming boogaloo.
#Prepping #PoppsPreppers #LiveFromTheLair

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Salty 1 month ago

This guy makes clean phones

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Mikemcginnis86 1 month ago

I love that scope i have the exact one on a 30.06. And it shoots 1 moa at 500 threw a tikka t3x superlight. In od green with a fluted barrel. Best gun ive ever shot.

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TheJohn 1 month ago

There are custom OS for phones like linux phones, or Graphine. Android phones are easier to hack than apple phones. Theres also satellite phones. Those phones are big but useful

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Body armour is totally illegal in Australia.... Nice looking and warm winter vest though. I might get one of them.

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Salty 1 month ago

@CherylMoreno: bs fem ripoff

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BartFine1Ab 2 months ago

Hey Popp, can I be on your podcast? I have tons of true stories from the Philippines.

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Salty 1 month ago

@HazelNichols: fukoff

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SIGMA78 2 months ago

@Terrence Popp:

Also what should I do to avoid the FBI witch hunters when it comes to getting my hands on the most effective or reliable yet cheapest gun for the NRA? like I in a very dangerous Detroit like area like Ypsilanti with very unfair yet tyrannical laws..Already have some issues with nasty neighbors in a shitty neighborhood where the police nor city has done their job, What makes matters worse is that these people happen to be in 7 dirty four gang. Which there’s been rivalry between them and the blood gang.... So what your best advice for me protecting myself in such a place or circumstance without any legal issues?

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Terry Rodbourn
Terry Rodbourn 2 months ago

Trust me when I say most cell phones don’t need to be tracked! I worked in Intel company in Army and we could track any foreign cell signal down to 3 meters of location just by the ping to cell towers they’re in every 3 seconds! How did we track Osama(whom knew of tracking) went sneaker net! His Courier whom brought him USB drives filled in drives! He carried a cell phone so the got eyes and pictures on site and acted!

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SQUEAK077 1 month ago

There is a new program that will go through ALL emails ALL everything even a photo you take uploaded to google images when you set up a cell to email account be careful its an invasion of privacy. They are using the.. for the children if hunter biden was not with a father who was president he would be in prison for life.

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SIGMA78 1 month ago

no way...Cool and Interesting which I’ve herd about the Stingray used by the military to track people as well as using their wifi to home in on people.

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Mustang 2 months ago

#1. Knives : A genuine KABAR is hard to beat.
#2. For those who don't know, "Shoe Goo" is a excellent fabric adhesive.
#3. A excellent alternative Search Engine to Google is swisscows.com

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sithsith 2 months ago

I wonder what do you guys think about Francisco Franco , the right wing Spainish President who won the Spainish Civil War between 1936 and 1939.
About 300 000 Spainish people died , to fight against communism, a lot of commies , right wingists and innocent people of course .
Could a leader like Franco arise in the USA?
We know it won't happen again in Spain, because it is no longer the bastion of anything but leftist wokeness !

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big_brain_nibba 2 months ago

Hell no, because Americans are fat pussies that's why HAHAHAHAHA!

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Lucifer 2 months ago


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