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Published on 08 Nov 2023 / In Comedy

Dear Sarge joins the Drunk Uncles to talk about the state of the world and the US military tonight at 8pm EST!
#GruntSpeakLive #BidensDraft #BringOutYourDead

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DutchCobbler 29 days ago

"Testosterone is like a magic elixir you get from your balls"

Yes, and it not only helps men deal with stress and bullshit, but also it helps women when they receive regular doses via their unique receptacle. Look it up if you like, but absorbing sperm through the vagina from the same guy over and over acts as an antidepressant and makes women less unstable. Th trick is that it must be regular, and it must be from the same guy.

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Freeballstits 1 month ago

Shouldn't we send the worst people off to war. That would increase the IQ make society better safer more sane etc. We send the good people off to get slaughtered and then complain about how america is turning into shit. Send the shit off to war and watch America bounce back.

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remarksman 1 month ago

Very glad to see the Toxic One is back with Terrence. Speedy recovery to T.M. and family.

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Pirate_Privateer 1 month ago

Just finished watching and agree Sargent POPP, Toxic Male Blake, Dear Sarge & Sargent Dick Fitzwell would be an amazing podcast - the armed forces stories they could tell would be so cool

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QDLLC 1 month ago

That egg trick is epic.

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