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Preflight Introduction to the Liberation Y -- MGTOW

Published on 30 Nov 2023 / In News & Politics

Apr 27, 2016
A brief glossary of slang to help maneuver about the videos.
Male devaluation: disparagement and lowering the worth of male life.
Gynocentrism: Placing the interest and welfare of females above all else.
Hypergamy: The tendency for females to use males as a means of upward mobility in life or society.
The Vagynasty: Stands for “vagina dynasty.” This invokes any agent of-or the collective establishment of gynocentrism-Meaning any person or ideology that promotes or encourages adherence to male devaluation or male disposability.
Blue pill: A moniker which signifies the masses of people ignorant to the true devices of gynocentrism and male devaluation, also signifies a conscious choice to remain in naivety.
Red pill: Signifies an awakening to the true state of gynocentrism and male disposability as fairy tale paradigms are shed.
Purple pill: A partial awakening whereby the one realizes degrees of male devaluation yet selectively chooses to intermingle romantic fiction with gynocentric reality.
Unicorns: A moniker to represent a female who is truly benevolent and loving of males independent or any self-interest. Represents a fictional female that purple pill’ers have conjured in order to continue soliciting female attention and approval.
Shovels: Males-since males are seen and used as disposable utilities-discardable tools-to provide and protect the human species.
MGTOW: Acronym for Men Going Their Own Way-which promulgates male exodus away from and male devaluation and disposability as remedy to liberate males from the inequities of gynocentrism.
Misandry: hatred of males.
Simp’s, mangina’s, white knights, social justice warriors-All are meant to describe males which actively pursue and enable female elevation and male devaluation.

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