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Post Wall Thot Wants Divorce After 20 Years

Published on 01 Nov 2020 / In Film & Animation

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theWarrior 4 months ago

Fellas, how many times do we have to say it. Women are Predatory; women are Chameleons; Women are hypergamous; you always need to have a backup plan and a red bag in a storage room with 5 to 10 G's in it with your important papers so you can bounce when she does shit like this. Women are not lovable, they are leavable (shot out to Patrice O'neal). Never get attached to any woman that you cannot walk out on in 30 seconds or less. You miss the red flags, your ass gets red ink of debt and destruction -the Warrior

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CatFoodMillionaire 4 months ago

Female goes on CC. Hooks into male at around age 22 because "he has potential". Female wants her PhD(for status), gets it and becomes pregnant with first child at 29. Above the age of 28 is considered Geriatric Pregnancy/high risk pregnancy, where risk of downies and autists rise immensely.
Squeezes out 2 autistic children, with severe problems and costs.
Puts on whalecostume to deter the male seeking intimicy, now that she's gotten the children she wants. Male is reduced to slave, retreats as he does not feel loved because of a lack of intimicy.
Female wants CC rush of emotions, lowers whaleweight, always with the goal of divorceraping the slave.

We all know how to prevent this; Starts with #19.

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