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Positive MGTOW

Zar Kezar
Zar Kezar
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Published on 14 Jan 2020 / In People & Blogs

Some people have accused MGTOW philosophy of being too negative. MGTOW is certainly a cynical philosophy in terms of our mistrust and aversion to the lamestream narrative. MGTOW often discuss rage inducing topics such as the gynocentric nature of blue pill society, anti-male injustices and the negative aspects of female nature. Consuming large numbers of MGTOW videos often leads to red pill rage, justified anger and sometimes even depression especially for newly red pilled men, but I do not necessarily consider rage or anger as something negative.
Although the topics discussed by MGTOW are often extremely negative, the lifestyle MGTOW philosophy leads to is extremely positive.
If you have been living the MGTOW lifestyle for more than one year, ask yourself this question. Is your life better now than it was a year ago? And if you have been MGTOW for a few years, then ask yourself, has your life improved each year? Are you enjoying your life more and more each year since you first took the red pill. If, as I suspect, your answer is yes, then clearly MGTOW is having a positive effect on your life.


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