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Political Prisoners and Where They're at | Grunt Speak Live

Published on 12 Mar 2024 / In Gaming

America totally doesn't lock up people that speak out the regime...right??? Well, we'll tell you how wrong that statement is tonight at 8 PM EDT!

#J6 #PoliticalPrisoners #USSA #Redonkulas

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SolidSnake33 1 month ago

The beatings will continue until morale improves. All these people who weren't CIA assets or FBI operatives are all innocent. The government is run by corrupt boomer thugs whose allegiance is to Israel NOT the USA. These people are progressive Democrat and Conservative Christian megalomaniacal psychopaths that are working together to undermine what the USA was to divide and conquer people on politics so they take all the power and individual American men have none. There is clearly no justice in the USA as we have a living constitution and laws that just change whenever its convenient for the benefit of the sociopaths in goverment to ruin individual American men's lives. Individual American men are tired of the total absence of justice; we're tired of having no authority over our culture, land, household, women and children. Power checks power. When individual white American men have had enough we do the thing and 1776 commences again. This time we TWRA for good so that individual American men can be free, responsible adults with authority over our nation and our culture.

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BioWeapanSurvivor 1 month ago

The ugly truth. It does not tell of the rich shipping Zionists that shipped the slaves over from Africa. But the world is waking up.

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unwindingcablecar 1 month ago

catch y'all on Thot Thursday

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MigtaoRonin 1 month ago

@Observ1ng: Cheers!

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