Pol is for Shills

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Published on 20 Feb 2020 / In News & Politics

4chan! Most activity on it is either /b/ or /pol/, random or politics. Back in the 2016 election, mainstream left wing websites and news organizations kept trying to tie Trump to /pol/ and 4chan in general (which makes sense because they all posted anti 4chan hitpieces and media clips in the past). Well, 2016 wasn't just a year of rhetoric, but also a year of action. Whether it was Antifa raiding 4chan or hired protestors like democrats have done in the past - 4chan and many other right leaning websites were suddenly full of left leaning individuals trying to cause trouble. Bottom line guise, I predict in 2020 the same will occur. Basically.

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KEEPER 3 years ago

i had a plan with Bloomberg. just to get rid of him. but as it turns out elisebeth warren already threw him under the bus with an me too accusation. when lefties thrown their own under the bus. i grab the popcorn.

but my play was to use everything they were ignoring on him to push to the forefront to further stain his image. but as i said warren already took care of it.

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