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Poisoning Young Men With Facts, Logic and Reason | Live From The Lair

Published on 26 May 2023 / In Entertainment

Young men succeed when they are fully prepared for life, and it turns out some mothers don’t like that.
#TerrencePopp #DevouringMothers #Success

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Never_Again 1 year ago

17:00 ... Non Of My Brothers, & Sister Ever Kid / Mess With Me & My Actions.

In Fact My Sister Got Divorced & I Read That She Was Being Sued For Child Support & All Of Them Lived With Her, & Then I Saw Full ON Stop On That Court Stuff Like My Own.


One Each Cuz 4 Children

Weird Stuff Man :)

It Worx. If The Main Headquarters of I.R.S. Philly Is Using My Document(s) & Words (recording) For Agent & Supervisor Training.
I Dink My Stuff Is Good Enough For You. No Matter Who / What You Happen To Be. :)

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Never_Again 1 year ago

08:40 ... Don't Get Me / My Attitude Wrong I Am Not Bragging.

I Left Home @ Third Quarter of 1977 @ 16 1/2 yo, with my 3 yo car, back pack of clothes, & cash.

@ 2nd Quarter of 1978 I be 17yo I Sparked My First Business. Wholesale/Retail/Sales & Marketing. I Made as in Earned Tons More Than $55,000.00 @ That Biz Within First Three Months & Much More Than Trainee Mason. I NEVER Had To Work For Folks. I Wanted To. :)

Retired Jan 2007, Got Wore Out & Tired. :) Became Executor of My Assigned American Estate & Private Individual Banker Right Quick.
My Plans Include First Branch of My Federal Credit Union On / In This Tiny Kansas Township I Build as Developer, I Don't Do Partners Nor Outside Investors. That Is How You Get Fucked With By Outsiders, & or Their Stupid Bitch Wives.

I Have Stupid Shit First & Foremost To Do Because Folks Are Being Fucked With, Including Our Babies. Times Up. Today I Join ABA & Lexis Nexis Today If Direct Deposit From Corporation Showed Up @ Local Bank. I Walk Down There To Transfer Funds & Open Up a Nudder Bank Account @ All Other Banks Prob Next Banking Day. I Think Today Is Memorial Day Week-End, so Next Tuesday.

I Spent Most Yesterday Until ~2am In County Lock-Up For Disturbing The Peace or Sum$Dim Getting Drunk. I Have Two Half Beers Left, Then NO More Booze For Me Fer Awhile.

Thank You for Your Time & Considerations,
Have a Great Day,
Darryl Gene; family Harcourt PERIOD

ps. I Work with many private bankers since 17yo.

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Never_Again 1 year ago

I Wonder If I Share 4 $1 Silver Coin or Free ... My Shit.? Documents & Stuff.?

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