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Please Don't Take This The Wrong Way... (I Do)

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Published on 02 Aug 2022 / In Entertainment

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Leader_Desslok 2 months ago

Her uninformed opinion begs the question " has she ever actually read that "document "? It is clear that she has not . The constitution is as relevant now as it was when it was written. This also begs the question who put her up to denouncing the political ideology of a country ( USA ) where you have free speech and the right to bear arms , when she lives in a country where you have neither .

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Max_Dominate 2 months ago

What a dumb Aussie hoochie. This person is not fit to vote. They need to pass a law to keep ban the salt water crocs from mating with her.

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An Aussie Dip Shit Chick.....

Anyone want her?

We have some great products to export.

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mgtow_economics 2 months ago

You can observe that females are becoming increasingly psychopathic via their eyes. Their upper eyelids are increasingly retracted, and in this female's case, she displays sanpaku eyes. It's very worrying that men are forced to form legal contracts with such agents of the State.

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