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PIGSAREHUMANS / Human Meat Markets / Tainting Ancient and MODERN Civilizations

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Published on 04 Oct 2022 / In Film & Animation

SAUCE: ⁣https://www.youtube.com/c/MindUnveiled ⁣Are Pigs an ancient tribe of humans who were transformed into swine via some past hidden technology? It may seem out there, but there are actually many similarities between pigs and humans. Science is actively researching the similarities between both genomes and has found they are almost exactly the same.
Pig organs are being used in xenotransplants for humans, just this year a kidney was successfully transferred.
There are geneticists who are not accepted by the mainstream that claim that humans are a chimpanzee- pig hybrid…
Now, what if it’s the other way around…

Website: https://www.mindunveiled.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/wJ2GGbJtmz
IG : https://www.instagram.com/mindunveiled/
Email: mindunveiled@gmail.com

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

I find it interesting you talk about humans and pigs and pigs could be a human link or ancestral species... I have known medically or biochemically we are compatible. I think our blood might be compatible too. Another interesting "religious" fact I learned within the last couple of years, grape "juice" just the natural fluid from grapes can substitute for human blood-- they are really close, identical in osmotic pressure and concentrations of solutes or "ions." Apparently, man was made white translucent in the Garden of Eden or "Paradise" and when Adam "ate" flesh after eating the apple and receiving deer skins God of Israel fashioned after killing two deer, whose met they are thereof... his blood turned red.

The Man Inside posted a video about "Dog people" in myth and basically they were "loyal." Some speculated they were cave men or homo erectus or perhaps an earlier species.

With this in mind, I believe the Irish myths had two types of people before the "moon" arrived: some went underground. Add in the "Hobbit" from Polynesia in the Indian Ocean islands or "Oceania"-- this is six different hominid species of seven or ten (seven with Chinese "monkey men") that species or types of man, tribes of man, which the spirits "came in' but could leave at will until they were tricked or "convinced" that the flesh was reality.

Interesting though. I hope you continue to post more shit like this....

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WMHarrison94 2 months ago

We know from myths and the Bible giants were cannibals. I am curious about the Canaannite and Baal reference. I know there were child sacrifices in flame to Baal-- The Romans mentioned it often viewed historically as "propaganda" until modern archaeologists starting finding their fire pits. I am aware of the one found in Africa at "Carthage." Carthage was a colony of Canaanite. The Canaanites were the Phoenicians. Greek like and Jewish life too... makes sense. I believe both Simcha Jacovboich and Timothy Mahonney both discovered the Exodus out of Egypt as "hyksos" with the parting of the "Red Sea" though I believe the Egyptians lied about it as Reed Sea, a freshwater lake-- Egyptian pharaohs were known to lie or downplay their losses and upplay their wins. The real Red Sea parting I believe was in the Gulf of Q, a branch of the Red Sea not depicted on ancient maps. I also believe the goldsmith Mycenaeans were Greeks from what I would call Atlantis and its colonies-- the Minoans of Knossos, Crete, Atlantis ("Tartessos" or Donana National Park, Spain), and Akroitiri, Thera (or Santorini today.) These are tied to Pharaoh Ahmose I and Avaris during Thera's eruption about 1550 to 1500 BC though some dates add up to 1450 BC (I i believe this is due to ancient mistranslations or additions of listed years say from estimations or rounding up of numbers, say like 990, 980, and/or 979 rounded to "1,000" etc. As these rounded up numbers are added up, so are their "mistakes" or rounding error. And there is also the translational errors between different languages whose cultures measure time differently in their dating of events... these errors will be discussed in greater detail in the future Atlantis multiple episodes I am planning out now. I have a lot of information and newer data to verify and "assemble" together to recreate the "truest" perception.

Man, this way off the comments I wanted to make about Circe and such, but also know our alphabet originates in Egypt along with the Hebrew alphabet and that Hebrew alphabet follows the Jews' path our of Egypt to never return again. Mainstream media and mainstream academia are lying to us just like the Smithsonian used to send scientists out to destroy giant bones wherever they were found.

This is almost like they are erasing all physical evidence of Biblical and Greek mythic giants?!
All the details including my references and theory of these explained can be found on my video-- though I did not intend to "advertise" here. It is Episode One Socrates of my Theory of Everything: A Socratic Idea series.

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wild_prepper 2 months ago


Just to be clear, Eugene McCarthy never said that evolution is wrong and hybridism can happen with natural selection.

But, yeah, he show solid evidence that humans are probable pig, monkey hybrid.

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