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Published on 09 May 2021 / In Film & Animation

Peter Mungo Jupp: UFO or Plasmoid? | Thunderbolts






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Published on May 8, 2021
In 1956, Winston Harper Bostick demonstrated that an amorphous mass of high-velocity plasma has a natural ability to convert a large proportion of its kinetic energy into magnetic energy, contained in an organised toroidal structure. He called this structure a ‘plasmoid’.

Archaeologist and Thunderbolts colleague Peter Mungo Jupp details the criteria of eyewitness accounts that some UFO sightings may in fact be plasmoids. They seem to possess an intelligence, rise and fall to the ground as though being flown, seem to fly in the direction of either magnetic pole, change shape, pulse, and can blink with multiple colours. This ubiquitous property of plasmoids is often recorded as UFO sightings.

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KEEPER 5 months ago

the problem with the term "UFO" is most ppl have no idea what it means, so they automatically associate it with aliens as if it were aliens every time.

almost nobody knows that it means "Unidentified Flying Object" which obviously implies that we don't know what it is for sure, but ppl insist that it means aliens.

the stupid inherit the earth, i wouldn't be surprised if we end up living the ideocracy movie in full detail at some point.

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KEEPER 5 months ago

but of course in the case that it shows that is intelligent, than at that point it's possibly aliens or some other unknown object with unique characteristic's that suggest we may not know everything about physics and science as much as we believe we do. but that's just fine, because we tend to try to figure these things out. i mean if you remember the history of the world when they didn't know much about death and didn't know how to tell if someone was alive or not, we used to bury ppl when they were knocked out and couldn't wake them. eventually we found out that some of these ppl we buried were not dead and died when they were buried and scratched the inside of the coffins were discovered and because they didn't know at this point of history that some ppl can enter an coma depending on the circumstances of what they were doing, eventually we started burying ppl with an string that was attached to a bell that if they woke up in their grave they could pull the string to tell the grounds keeper that they were not dead. a bit primitive but it was the only idea they had at this time when it came down to their understanding of the human body and how it worked. eventually someone discovered that we had a heart beat pulse that we could use to determine if they were alive or not. the moral of the story is, we may not know what they are right now, but at some point in the future i believe we will come to that understanding. but then again we might just collapse and all that medical information might be destroyed due to a collapse. i hope not, but you never know these days.

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