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Pet mom's - Episode 24


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The Lone Wolf
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Published on 16 Jan 2022 / In Other

⁣More and more women today are taking up pets instead of having children. There is even a tv serious called pet moms. Women think its cute to have fur babies instead of real babies.

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Julian6669 4 months ago


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mrghoster 4 months ago

Love that 50's cinema music at the beginning. not so much Pathe News, but where women are concerned "PatheTIC" news! lol! Being as the fefail of our soecies is Satanic by nature, a Goat seem's to be the right pet for these lunatic's to have? I've seen all to often women our with their little dog's shouting at them and slapping them. All the women to date are Wall hitter's. I think these women who carry little dogs in bags are pathetic. women do this substitute baby thing with their pet's But if a Guy especially middle aged and on Get's a sports Car or Motorcycle they will deride him for being a little boy with boy's toy's? Or the Guy has a small penis and shit like that, whilst the women do not realize how fucking STUPID they actually look and Act? there is a split between Male and fefail these day's and I think it is NATURE evolving or doing this?

MEN are being pulled aside to a SDAFE SPACE, namely Red Pill and MGTOW especially Monk, so they can get a respite fron the bazaar fefail and re-group his innovative and logical mind, because there is a time coming when MEN will rule again, not that the individual MAN cant rule on his own? Look what happened after the Dark ages? MEN created the Enlightenment and the Corrupt Church was put back in it's box. This is a Dark Age today and when the fefail is put back in it's toy box (and it WILL), then the MAN can start to innovate again. BUT I feel this time around MAN must be a little more dis-earning as to who is included in that New Enlightenment, and the fefail MUST be limited and controlled, and if that happen's I can see women having to deal with what they and gynocentrism is and has done to MEN currently women have very short memories, But MEN have very LONG memories?

Women REALLY DO NOT have any idea what is waiting for them in the future, I personally would NOT want to be fefail in the future?

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Bad Apple
Bad Apple 4 months ago

IF I can't preproduce with a female, not worth any value of investment, these includes taxes. For men have to go battle but women don't have to produce children.

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