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Perturabo's One Man War - Warhammer Lore

Published on 23 May 2024 / In Film & Animation

Perturabo Weight Of Olympia. Part 3

If you are interested in reading the whole thing I have it hosted here:

The beautifully horrifying art is by Sean Bova.
Check him out here:
He is a great dude who makes sick commissions. Hit him up.

Special thanks to Alexander Burgess for taking the time to go through my drafts and help edit. You can catch him on Twitter here: or hit him up here for

AI Voiced By: Jonathan Keeble (Unasked)
Music: God of war, twilight zone, random Greek stuff
Images: Sean Bova, Mid Journey, Warzone Studio, and a few others.

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Hmmm very good.

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