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People are Fleeing Canada. Is Civil Unrest Next?

Published on 21 Jun 2024 / In People & Blogs

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In this video, we delve into why people are leaving Canada at unprecedented rates. From high taxes and cost of living to concerns about future instability, we delve into why both immigrants and native Canadians are seeking opportunities elsewhere and what this means for Canada's future.

00:00 Start
00:37 "Three-star hotel charging five-star rates" Analogy
3:18 Is There a Possibility of Potential Civil Unrests?
5:31 Is It Fixable? Increasing Distrust in Democratic Institutions
11:32 Reasons Immigrants are Leaving Canada
14:50 What is the Solution?

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_Natas_ 1 day ago

Fuck, why do people vote for retards like Retardeau?

Truth is, Cuckadia and the JewSA aren't really all that much different from each other, despite what each likes to tell itself. Both countries are currently being run by mentally handicapped leftoids (is there any other kind?), BOTH countries want to introduce children to pornography (and probably want to make CP perfectly legal), BOTH countries want to put child molesters in schools and daycares (aka the LGHDTVPEDO+ cult of pedophilia and genital mutilation) and encourage children to mutilate their own genitals... fuck I can't even list them all.

If we lived in a sane society, these people would be lined up against the concrete wall, LONG before they ever had a voice in the government or attained ANY sort of political power. Don't go to the JewSA, the United Cuckdom, are any other depraved Five Eyes leftist shithole, for that matter. At this stage, you're probably better off moving to Russia.

Fuck Cuckadia and fuck the JewSA.

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Coca Cola was among the first companies to bow down and eagerly lick Foul-Chi's boots on the vax mandates, so fuck them.

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Lorgar 10 days ago

Canada would put a lot of dystopian nightmares to shame!

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KEEPER 22 days ago

it always goes back to that saying, " everything woke turns to shit"
once an nation goes woke, it's on the verge of going broke and civil unrest becomes the norm.

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eilisin 23 days ago

I'd say the word is getting out. I've read from media that nearly 40% of newcomers leave within 6 months

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